Brunch at Salmontini

[dropcap]D[/dropcap]espite Robin being away all weekend, I ate surprisingly well! Instant ramen noodles be gone, for Saturday was spent in the rather lush Salmontini restaurant in Belgravia, being treated to their very tasty brunch menu. The restaurant is modern and elegant but laid back with beautiful people lined up at the bar. This is not the place to wear your Stan Smiths, if you know what I mean.

A short walk from Knightsbridge station on Pont Street is where you can find this lovely place. Arriving 15 minutes late and slightly damp from the drizzly rain, I made it just on time to be seated at a long table where a dozen other bloggers took up residence to nibble and photograph the beautiful plates served.

Salmontini Restaurant London 2

A big sharing bowl of sea salted edamame beans for the table…

Salmontini Restaurant London 4

…some quinoa salad. In fact, salads here are lovely and fresh.

Salmontini Restaurant London 3

Salmontini Restaurant London 5

Salmontini Restaurant London 6

This particular salad dish was my favourite. It had avocado, rocket, red currants, and a nutty sesame after taste.


These lovely things came out…

Salmontini Restaurant London 7

Salmontini Restaurant London 8

Spicy Salmon and Spicy Tuna tartare salads cupped in a crispy lettuce leaf and sprinkled with little bits of tempura, rather like biting into a savoury rice crispy. These were delicious and a must order for the table!

Our flutes of champagne were always topped up and I felt like I was indulging in a very decadent Saturday…except the food felt rather healthy and fresh.

Next to arrive were the sushi platters…

Salmontini Restaurant London 9

Salmontini Restaurant London 10

Salmontini Restaurant London 11

…all of these were so good. The sushi rice was a perfect texture and had just the right amount of tang in it. It was hard to pick a favourite but the spicy tuna rolls were pretty damn good.

After a good chatter to the girls around me, including a lot of wedding talk (and inspiration!) from Hannah, not one, not two, but four dessert platters were presented. Dessert is truly the way to my heart and soul…all that delicious sugar!

Salmontini Restaurant London 17

There was a gorgeous Apple Tart, with a flaky buttery base…

Salmontini Restaurant London 15

…a very decadent Tiramisu…

Salmontini Restaurant London 16

…a giant Raspberry Macron with whole raspberries sandwiched between the delicate shells…

and finally, this chocolatey masterpiece!

Salmontini Restaurant London 12

Salmontini Restaurant London 13

Salmontini Restaurant London 14

Hot glossy fudge sauce poured over the chocolate dome to melt away and reveal a vanilla surprise. Can all my desserts come with surprises? After this, I feel like anything else would be a let down.

Salmontini can be found at:

1 Pont Street



020 7118 1999

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

12 thoughts on “Brunch at Salmontini”

  1. Hi Anna! Can’t wait to read your post. Don’t feel bad about the tiramisu- that’s a massive Win in my book! If it was the apple tart on the other hand….haha. It was lovely to meet you too, and hope we meet soon! x


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