Time travelling with Time Run

[dropcap]I [/dropcap]went time travelling on Tuesday, as you do on a week night in East London. I’ve been on an Escape the Room adventure before, but Time Run, takes it to another level. It was SO MUCH FUN! And of course, secretive, as my modern day possessions were locked in a trunk for the duration of the game. Above are Luna Fox and her robot Babbage, who will guide you through your quest.

The doors below slide open and you are greeted by…well. More secrets.

Joe's Oriental Diner London Fields

I can tell you that the attention to detail for this game is amazing. Even the waiting room before you embark on your official quest is beautifully made. It’s immersive theatre meets Crystal Maze with an Indiana Jones vibe. Yes really. Here’s the promo video:

You have 60 minutes to complete your quest, and you’ll need every second of that time to work your way through. You’ll time travel. You’ll get your brain moving. You’ll shout and laugh and all the other things that made you cringe when you watched Crystal Maze as a kid. You will definitely have a lot of fun.

We had a group of 8 people and were split into two teams, and with the clock ticking down, you obviously want to beat the other team to complete the quest first. So, uh, yeah, my team won. No big deal…hah! It’s £29 per person to play, or £24 if you book an off peak time. It runs until the 2nd of August and I highly, highly recommend it!

Have a look at their website for tickets and details, and have fun!


Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

9 thoughts on “Time travelling with Time Run”

  1. Ah! Yesterday Henry introduced to the wonders of Crystal Maze and I was HOOKED. I signed up my interest for the new Crystal Maze, hoping to get on it and all that. Then I read this post! I’m so going to go for Time Run to practise for the day I have to grab those flying gold pieces! x

    Jasiminne | Posh, Broke, & Bored


  2. I played HintHunt this week and loved it but Time Run looks even better – how cool that they’ve worked on characterising your guides! I love the hit of adrenaline you get when you’re running around the room trying to figure out the clues 🙂 Will add this to my list of stuff to do for sure! xx


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