Life Lately | le weekend

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]’m becoming more and more convinced that Sundays have become my favourite day of the week. The normally frantic pace of everyday life slows down just a notch and I can certainly get on board with that. So, I’m not entirely sure where my head is at these days, mostly wedding admin that I don’t really go into much detail on the blog- unless you want to read about the joys of organising a seating plan or blush versus pink? I keep attempting to do one thing but find myself jumping to start on another; a bit like when Ross ate too much maple candy in Friends. Must. Focus. Better.

Life Lately

On Saturday, I got a text from from my sister that she and her friend Kate were in town. I quickly got dressed and met them on Oxford Street where we spent a long afternoon meandering around the shops. We had lunch, we looked at pretty clothes and it was lovely. It was the best unplanned plan and I somehow came home with a yellow muumuu slash kimono slash kaftan thing from Monki, that sounds crazy but is in fact, lovely.

There is an art to dodging the crowds of Oxford Street, you have to be light on your feet and stride like you mean it! And when it gets too much- always take the back streets. We popped into & Other Stories and I spent ages pottering around in the beauty section, washing my hands, testing lotions and playing with makeup. I left the shop looking and feeling much fresher than when I arrived! If the summer heat gets too much, I highly recommend it 😉 Also- they sell slushies in the bubble tea kiosk just outside the shop which makes me far happier than it should!

Life Lately

Then along came Sunday. With 8 weeks to go until the wedding, Ismay and I made it our mission to find a bridesmaid dress for her to wear. I thought we’d window shop and get some ideas BUT even better, we found ourselves leaving Coast with a beautiful dress! Also, I feel Coast has the best dressing room ever. They’re huge, plush and like something out of a Disney movie in a makeover montage.

That left us the rest of the afternoon to stroke fancy shoes inside Selfridges but the store closed before I could make my seasonal pilgrimage to Alexander McQueen to worship the skull adorned sandals.

I’m also, so on board with the photobooths inside Topshop by the way. But be warned; have your game face on as the camera will just start shooting before you realise. Case in point- the first puzzled picture square.

Life Lately

In other shoe related news, I was very happy to bring my Saltwaters out to play. So happy, I snapchatted it. I wasn’t a fan of Snapchat in the beginning, I just couldn’t work it out but stick with it. I am addicted to it now and shock horror…maybe on it more than Instagram? My username is theawkwardblog, come find me!

Oh, and if you’re wondering where to get Saltwaters in the UK, I got mine from Toast and there’s still plenty of sizes left. Mine are 3 years old now and still look new, so it’s worth the investment!

After the bajillion miles walked after my bridesmaid-dress-mission, the sun was still out- I will always love that part of the summer, when it hits 10pm and the sun is only just creeping away. It makes time feel endless. It also means that we can have dinner outside in the garden, which is perhaps the best way to have any meal. Unless its Winter, in which case I crawl under a rock and cry for six months.

Life Lately

When you think London, you don’t often think of dramatic glowy sunsets. I wish the two would meet more often because when they do, it’s beautiful.

Despite the busyness of the weekend, I feel super charged up for the week ahead. Come at me Monday! (or don’t, I really enjoy the mañana pace of life)

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

8 thoughts on “Life Lately | le weekend”

  1. Sounds like you had a busy but fun weekend! Haha I hate it when photobooths start before you are ready! I was in london on Saturday and spent most of my time in Borough Market, I really need to start going to different places when I come down haha. x


  2. Your Sunday sounds satisfyingly busy, but in a ‘me-time’ kind of way! I love those kind of days.

    Sundays are usually my stay-at-home, avoid the crowds, and work on the home day! Mine always starts late (possibly hungover) at Columbia Road flower market then a clean of the house while browsing Pinterest If I’m feeling especially social I’ll pop out to Shoreditch for coffee and people-judging 😉

    Jasiminne | Posh, Broke, & Bored


  3. Sundays are increasingly becoming my favourite too! 8 weeks to go, how exciting, hope it’s all coming together nicely x


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