The Web We Want Festival

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]aturday was spent down the Southbank, inside the Royal Festival Hall for the Web We Want Festival. The festival is inspired by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the Internet, and explores the possibilities and future of the world wide web. So, as blogging and internet go hand in hand, this is how I came to be at the festival.

My pal Sarah was chairing a panel for a talk about blogs and vlogs, specifically “Taking Your Blog To The Next Level”. The panel included Corinne of Skinnedcartree, Evan Edinger of  Youtube vlog fame, Hayley the London Beauty Queen, and Samantha of Thoroughly English.

Web We Want schedule

Web We Want Festival

I took a quick snapchat whilst the talk was going on and I found it to be really interesting.  Afterwards I spent much of the day mulling it all over in my head. There was a lot of food for thought- especially points from Samantha and Evan about your brand and relationships with other bloggers and PR’s.

I sat in on the remaining talks and in between sessions I had a wander around the Royal Festival Hall and all the other exhibits the Web We Want Festival had set up throughout the building.

Southbank Centre streamers

The Clore Ballroom Royal Festival Hall

Web We Want Festival

There was an old technology corner, where you could see the evolution of computers set up and were still running. I have great memories of our very first family computer that was big and bulky and had green text- we spent ages playing Load Runner on it from a floppy disk! There were little kids playing old Atari games too, including a few that couldn’t have been more than six years old playing Pac-Man.

Big kids, like myself, got to tinker around on things too…

Green Screen Web We Want Festival 1

Green screen! Here I am in my new apartment, getting comfy…

Green Screen Web We Want Festival 2

…and showing off my new neighbourhood! I appear to have moved countries.

And speaking of big kids, even the lift inside the Hall was, well the future. It sang to us. Corinne captured it here:

Amazing semi-tonal lift at #webwewantfest at London Southbank centre 😁 so much fun.

A video posted by Corinne (@krinklet) on


Web We Want Festival

I will be the first in line when this slide opens up!

Web We Want Festival

There’s a huge terrace on the 5th floor of the Royal Festival Hall with lovely views over the Thames River, Big Ben and the London Eye. We spent a few minutes out there taking some snaps- it was just too much of a gorgeous day not to. The clouds were low and fluffy and the sun was out in full force.

Southbank Centre River View London

Thames River Embankment bridge London

Big Ben London Sky 2

The last talk of the day was fantastic, covering the broad “Why Blog?” question. It was fascinating listening to the speakers and their journeys- in fact, it sounded like a lot of ‘happy accidents’ occurred to achieve their levels of success.

I especially loved Mike’s story of his hugely successful Instagram account, Symmetry Breakfast and how it all started simply because he wanted to make lovely breakfasts for his partner Mark! I was also really inspired by Jennifer Howze, a co-founder of Brit Mums, how it came about after a job redundancy and has become this enormous online community with 90 million views a month. Insane we’re-not-worthy vibes!

After the talks were over, we were invited onto the Snog Bus along the Southbank for frozen yogurt and chitchat.

Snog Bus Southbank

Snog Bus Southbank 2

Snog Fro Yo Snog Bus

Over tubs of froyo, a lovely hour was spent getting to know each other a little more.

Little Snog Fro Yo pots

River Thames Boats

Book Stalls Southbank London 2

I love this area of the Southbank, the book stalls, the skaters, the art installations and food markets. Food for the mind and food for the belly!

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

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  1. I well remember our Apple clone, Angela, but our very first family computer was a Sinclair ZX Spectrum and I still have it. I also have a lovely photo of 18 month old you, wearing only a nappy, happily playing “Attic Attack” on it. I shan’t embarrass you by sharing it, though 😉


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