Everytime I sit down to write and put all my thoughts together for a roundup of my sidebar superstars, I can never believe just how quick it flies by! We’ve zoomed through May and I feel like June is one hayfever sneeze away. This month I’ve had the pleasure of hosting Angie and her fabulous blog, Silverspoon London, Jasmin, another third culture kid (honestly, it’s like we gravitate to one another!), Abigail and her darling blog Snug, and we’re welcoming back Ralph, my favourite man blogger from across the pond! So let’s get stuck in…




Angie’s blog is a veritable dictionary of the latest and greatest spots to eat in London. When she isn’t having amazing looking meals, Angie will give you terrible wanderlust too! She’s just come back from a romantic break in Rome to celebrate her first wedding anniversary. My absolute favourite post of hers this month is hands down, the safari trip in South Africa she recently went on. Those big cats! Oh be still my crazy cat lady heart! Recently featured in The Observer, Silverspoon London is definitely a blog you need to bookmark.




Jasmin’s blog has a little bit of everything for everybody. As her tagline reads, Adventures, Tech & Tea! As I mentioned, Jasmin is another third culture kid and describes herself as an English-Kiwi hybrid, having lived in New Zealand, the US and Australia. She’s written a super handy post about boosting your SEO, which every blogger should read up! I’ve also enviously read her trip to Sketch for afternoon tea, because those toilet egg pods. I don’t feel like my London life is complete without giving that place a visit! Her recent recipe for courgette lasagne has changed my mind about this vegetable/pasta substitute and I’m pretty sure I’ll be giving it a go!


Ralph's Birmingham


The thing I enjoy the most about Ralph’s blog is it’s genuine voice. I enjoy seeing what life is like over in America, I mean, Ralph actually went out to a ballgame! With hot dogs and beer and everything. We missed the season when we went to New York, but I would have loved to experience it. Baseball aside, Ralph writes a good personal essay from time to time, the kind of blog posts that I like to read the most, and this reflective post about losing loved ones is touching. In fact, he’s not afraid to tell it how he feels, because I dare you to read about the love of his life and not smile!




Abigail’s blog has the best name in the world- Snug. Isn’t that the cutest? From Norfolk, Snug is all about Abigail’s life in London, documenting her thoughts, books, recipes, and life in general. I like her Thrifty London posts, the most recent one at the Barbican is lovely!  My favourite posts of hers has got to be the visit to the Jane Austen House Museum and dressing up- so funny! In fact, fun trips are a theme because i also loved the photos from her trip to the New Forest, because of those gorgeous ponies *squeeeeal* Abigail’s blog has all the good feels 🙂


And that concludes May’s fantastic sidebar sponsors! I hope you enjoy their blogs as much as I do 🙂

If you are interested in being featured in my Sidebar Superstar series, head on over to my Passionfruit Ads page and book a listing!

Roll on the weekend & Happy Friday everybody!

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

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