Bubbles & tapas at Copa de Cava

[dropcap]O[/dropcap]n a typically grey and drizzly London evening, Sarah and I had a date in the diary for bubbles and tapas at Copa De Cava in the City. Does anyone else start humming Copacabana after hearing that name? Because I did. As I waited for Sarah, I took a few pictures of the courtyard area that the restaurant was tucked into. Just across the street was the Apothecaries Hall- with an insignia of golden unicorns! What is the Apothecaries Hall? Is it a hall full of bearded wizards bubbling up potions? This blogger needs to know.

Copa De Cava

Magic daydreams aside, we went into the restaurant, down the stairs and through a set of very medieval looking doors.

Copa De Cava

The inside reminded me on an olden day tavern- lots of brick, candle light and thick wooden tables. In fact, if you’re looking for romantic date spot the dim lighting and cosiness of this place is your answer. We stared at our menus over a delicious chilled glass of Cava and picked bits and pieces from the tapas menu to nibble on as we caught up.

As Sarah is vegetarian and I am a like a locust that will hoover down anything edible, our choices were meat free (bar the prawns…OH those prawns)

Copa De Cava 9

I adore Pan Con Tomate- it reminds me of lazy, sun drenched breaks in Barcelona. Crusty bread smooshed with tomato, olive oil and garlic- such simple ingredients but so delicious.

Copa De Cava 8

Crispy bites of deep fried Manchego cheese with quince jelly as well as…

Copa De Cava 7

…smoked Ewe’s cheese with walnuts.

Confession time.

I’m not a huge fan of cheese.

Hello? Still there?

It’s true. I’m sorry. I will eat it happily, but it doesn’t give me all the feels like say, chocolate, can.

The next dish was my favourite. A sizzling dish of garlicky prawns! Here is the Gambas Al Aljillo…

Copa De Cava 3

If I had extra bread, I would have mopped up all the delicious bits of garlic and oil with it. In fact, I was offered bread, but not wanting our lovely waiter to realise that I was a human locust, I demurely declined.

And then finally, a classic that just had to be done…

Copa De Cava 2

…a wonderful dish of Patatas Bravas. Diced potatoes drizzled with bravas sauce and alioli.

It was a lovely place for a catchup and felt like a wonderful find- down a winding cobbled lane, tucked away in a corner. By the time we left tables were filling up so I would suggest booking ahead.

Copa De Cava

Copa De Cava

We walked through the rain soaked streets, past St Paul’s Cathedral looking very Gotham City-like and some Shaun the Sheep statues. Of course. London you weird, eclectic city.

Find Copa De Cava at:

33 Blackfriars Lane,
020 7125 0930

…get the prawns… 😉

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

5 thoughts on “Bubbles & tapas at Copa de Cava”

  1. Don’t worry. I am the same way with cheese as you are. I don’t see how people can eat it just by itself with bread without it being melted or anything. It’s more the texture that gets me.


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