a new Shake Shack in Stratford

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]y best burger pals, Shake Shack, have a new Shack opening up today in Westfield Stratford! I have had a long love affair with those Shack Burgers- from that first bite in New York, to opening day at Covent Garden to sampling a new menu item– here I was again, like a rabid burger fan girl, at the launch party for the new store opening yesterday. What can I say? Maybe it’s something in the sauce. Maybe they sprinkle the same mojo into the food that keeps me A-Ha Shaking to Kings of Leon to this very day.

Shake Shack Westfield Stratford 4

Shake Shack Westfield Stratford 3

Shake Shack Westfield Stratford

It was absolutely heaving with Press, PR’s and blogger types. Instead of canapes, trays of beautifully laid out Shack Burgers and Shack Dogs were being offered around. Little tubs of those signature crinkle cut fries and cheese sauce were handed out as yet even more trays of vanilla milkshakes, wine and beer were precariously carried over our heads and offered around. My friend Luan and I found an empty spot by the side of the stage and got a good view when The Coronas started playing. They did an awesome cover of College’s Real Hero (that song from Drive)

The Coronas

The kitchen churned out those lovely patties and soft buns in a shiny new kitchen. Unlike their flagship in Covent Garden, you can see into the kitchen from the dining tables and watch the action as your food is deftly prepped.

Shake Shack Westfield Stratford 6

Shake Shack Westfield Stratford 2

The new Shake Shack is on The Street at Westfield Stratford, just as you go up the escalators outside the tube exit between M&S and Forever 21.

It’ll be nice to have a juicy burger fix nearby! Meat is in the East indeed…

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

8 thoughts on “a new Shake Shack in Stratford”

  1. There’s a rumour that the first UK Shake Shack to open outside of London is going to be in Newcastle! I’m pretty sure someone just made that up and everyone ran with it but I’m keeping my fingers firmly crossed!

    Chloe x


  2. I’ve never tried Shake Shack, but I’ve seen plenty of photos over Instagram of their burgers and they look divine! Westfield Stratford is only a half hour train journey away from me, so I’ll definitely have to visit soon 🙂

    Hannah x | hannatalks


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