Life Lately | love, lobster+ freak wind,

[dropcap]L[/dropcap]ast week Robin and I celebrated our 12th anniversary so we treated ourselves to a nice dinner at Beach Blanket Babylon near his office in Shoreditch. He had the lobster, I had the steak, there was a nice cocktail involved. All in all, two thumbs up! In fact, a lot of time has been spent in East London lately; I find myself here more and more which is a refreshing change from stomping around Soho.

Life Lately

Lobster beach blanket babylon

Robin seemed to be the only person in the whole restaurant to order the lobster- in fact, the table behind us stared at it hard when it arrived at our table!

We went to a friend’s wedding at Hackney Town Hall last weekend; it was a beautiful day and I bust out my new (and most) man repellent shoes…

Life Lately


I got loads of compliments on these from the ladies annnnnnnd a lot of raised eyebrows from the men. The pom poms are basically pink Koosh balls stuck onto the front- remember Koosh balls? Every child growing up in the 90’s had them. I had one in red…or more like my sister had one and I claimed it. They’re from ASOS, and you can get them, here!


Life Lately

Life Lately

We’ve all known each other since Uni and this wedding kicks off the start of many more weddings to come this Summer. Happy Days!

Life Lately

The next day I woke up with an amazing hangover and the post Wedding party met up at the Landseer pub in Holloway for a fat Sunday Roast, which was a pretty good cure to be honest! Then I snuggled on a sofa and did my best to stay awake before heading home for a nap. I feel like afternoon naps are the best time of day to achieve the perfect sleep.

Speaking of sleep, I’m in the middle of reading Amy Poehler’s book, Yes Please, and I wish Amy was my comedy life partner. Besides being supremely funny, she also snores like a trooper and is my sort of soul sister in this sleep apnoea (thug) life. Go read it- it’s very inspiring.

Life Lately

I guess Louie had a hangover too.

Life Lately

Life Lately

There was that time earlier this week that the freakish winds appeared- we got caught up in it like nobody’s business.  I became so wind battered, my ears actually hurt. I had to button up and wind my scarf around my head to get through it, like I was about to tackle a desert trek.

It was also the day we were trying to explore Stratford outside of Westfield- we made it as far as the View Tube before giving up and we had to seek shelter inside the cosy cafe. Two cans of Cawston Press fizzy Rhubarb drinks and a slice of Red Velvet cake later, we retreated back towards Westfield.

View Tube

Next to the Bike Hire shop by the View Tube was this lone piano and a wonky mural of…I want to say Italy? It felt very European to me. If you follow me on Snapchat (username theawkwardblog) you’d have seen just how mental the wind was that day!

This weekend, we’re heading to our wedding venue to pick out the lighting arrangement. Next week, we’ll be confirming the menu with our caterers from Jacaranda that Rosie recommended to me- they have been so helpful in the whole process! Then I’m picking out the table centerpieces a few days afterwards. So all in all, we’re almost there with the whole planning thing. What a feat!

I finally got round to making a montage of our Copenhagen trip…you know I love a montage!

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

12 thoughts on “Life Lately | love, lobster+ freak wind,”

  1. Love this little look into your life 🙂 I do a Sunday roundup which I love doing because it helps to remind me that I live a pretty good life even if I forget and moan sometimes.

    That lobster looks pretty damn good. Do you have any recommendations for good (but not overly formal) restaurants in London? I’m down every now and again and always looking for tips. My last tries were Roka and Bob Bob Ricard xx


  2. Those shoes are pretty damn magical, not just for the trip down memory lane (I had quite the collection of Koosh balls, I even had a Koosh teddy!). And allow me, as ambassador for trendy Shoreditch, to say WELCOME TO MAH HOOOOOD. Come for the lobster, stay for the hipster-ridiculing (meet you by the Cereal Cafe!) x

    Jasiminne | Posh, Broke, & Bored


  3. thanks Ally! I do mean to write more Life Lately’s, but I usually try and write at least one a week too! I like Spuntino’s for it’s laid back whiskey and sliders vibe, plus they do delicious peanut butter ‘toast’ for dessert, Maison Bertaux for shabby chic post dinner treats. Ethos just off Oxford Street has really tasty vegetarian food, and Nopi in Soho is pretty good too! If you make it to Notting Hill I really recommend trying Mazi- delicious spin on Greek food!


  4. Louie is too cool for school- he’s small but the boss! I often compare him and his brother to the movie Twins-he’s the little Danny Devitto character and Pepper the big, strong Arnold Schwarzenegger!


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