the London Coffee Festival

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]’m probably betraying my British roots in saying this but I think it’s safe to say that I am more of a coffee fan than tea. I can remember my first sips of coffee as an *ahem* six year old when I wanted to try everything my mum was having- including her morning coffee. Then, as I got older, I’d sit in my English Literature class dissecting sections of Emile Zola’s Germinal over cups of coffee and chocolate Tim Tams. I enjoyed my coffee more than that depressing novel. Eventually, that important cup of fuel became part of my necessary morning routine at work- I couldn’t talk to anyone let alone work without my daily black Americano. Basically, me and coffee, we have history. I was very excited when Jaclyn invited me and Amanda along to the industry day of the London Coffee Festival on Thursday. I could smell those coffee beans roasting already…

London Coffee Festival Hyde Park

London Coffee Festival 2

Coffee connoisseurs flooded into Brick Lane as samples of coffee, fro yo, juice, chocolate, and all manner of coffee accompaniments were being peddled up and down the Old Truman Brewery.

In a sea of coffee, Kokoa Collection’s pots of hot chocolate beckoned and I sampled the most delicious hot white chocolate sprinkled with rose sugar.

Kokoa Collection Rose Sugar

Kokoa Collection Hot Chocolate

After sipping shots of hot chocolate from different cocoa beans, I decided the ones from Ecuador were my favourite, with 70% cocoa. Not too sweet but not bitter either. Then we tried a new concoction- move over cold brewed coffee because cold brewed ‘hot’ chocolate is joining the party.

Kokoa Collection Cold Brew Hot Chocolate 2

Kokoa Collection Cold Brew Chocolate

It was both strange but tasty- you had the taste of hot chocolate but the liquid was cool and distilled. As Amanda said, it was a bit of a mind game!

Barely scratching the surface of what was on offer in the Brewery, we shuffled through the crowd to explore further but didn’t get too far before we were sampling coffee from Indonesia…

Raja Batak Coffee Beans

London Coffee Festival 3

…or eating shots of coffee ice cream from Benugo- as in actual shots, from a syringe…

London Coffee Festival Benugo

John Lemon London Coffee Festival

John Lemon London Coffee Festival 2

London Coffee Festival Soho

London Coffee Festival 5

After making a big loop through the festival, we ended up back in the center of it all, where a village ‘green’ had been set up with benches and astro turf to enjoy your coffee over live music…

London Coffee Festival music

…and what’s a coffee without a doughnut? These pretty babies are from Crosstown Doughnuts.

Crosstown Doughnuts

I don’t think you need to be a particularly into coffee to enjoy the London Coffee Festival– there was lots of other food and drink around to satisfy the foodie in you. I would have come for the doughnuts alone…

Mark it in your diaries for next year!

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

13 thoughts on “the London Coffee Festival”

  1. Once you started talking about the hot chocolate, you had me sold. I really want to try that cold brewed “hot” chocolate. That sounds too interesting to know try out.


  2. it’s tasty but so strange; the taste is there but the temperature and texture is just opposite to what you’re normally used to! I haven’t tried cold brew coffee yet so I can’t compare the two just yet!


  3. it was a really good way to spend the morning! There was alot more going on than I would have thought from a coffee themed festival- lots of snacks and entertainment- and definitely a good place to nose around! loved it!


  4. Coffee at 6 YEARS OLD? Ooh, that’s a slippery slope, haha! This event looks fab, I like how many different things they seemed to have going on. We had a coffee festival in Glasgow – a much smaller scale compared to this one though! xx


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