Brrrr, I don’t know about you guys, but I have been feeling chilly all week! One afternoon, I actually put the heating on because I just to snuggle down and get cosy. This month, thanks to those wonderful bloggers in my sidebar, I have been living vicariously through Lisa’s trip to Paris and an amazing Studio Ghibli exhibit, gone all doe eyed over Megan’s wedding day photos (which makes me SO excited for ours coming up!), burrowed myself into Erin’s world of art- something I sorely miss in my own, gotten to know Miriam and her awesome blog of design know-how, tech, photography and her lovely cat Woody, and I’m also welcoming back Ralph and his blog about Birmingham, Alabama!

Not Quite Enough blog


I’ve followed Lisa’s blog for quite some time now, having caught my eye when she wrote about camping overnight for the RCA Secret last year. I have so much admiration for her- I don’t know how she juggles a demanding job whilst studying for her Post Graduate course part time AND maintaining that lovely blog of hers. As someone who lives just on the cusp of East London, I’ve liked reading up on her where-to-go’s around Whitechapel, like this post about Parts and Labour. I’ve loved reading up on her posts about her trip to Paris and especially when she went to the Studio Ghibli tour- as a fellow Studio Ghibli fan, I poured over the photos!


Oh Hey Blog


I’m so happy to have Megan back in my sidebar again. I love Megan- if anyone can make me laugh, it’s pretty much a given that I will. My absolute favourite post of Megan’s this month are her gorgeous wedding day photos! That and the party time pics make me itch for our wedding day to hurry up 🙂 Megan always has the most beautiful photos on her blog too, the kind that I wish I could take- her Easter post (which gave me the giggles) are crisp and vibrant and I always look forward to seeing what she gets up to.


The Coma Diary


I’ve really enjoyed having Erin’s blog, Coma Diary, on my sidebar. The perks of hosting a sidebar sponsor means I get to read other blog’s that I might not have had the chance to come across. On Coma Diary, I enjoyed delving into Erin’s world of art- her amazing hand sketches, her first curated show, and she also writes the most beautiful posts like this. I feel like sometimes we get too caught up on the visuals of a blog and forget the beauty that lies in the written word. Erin also runs an Etsy shop, which you really ought to check out- my favourite piece being the skull and cat print (naturally)


CLI Blog


Miriam is a self confessed Viking Blonde, now living in Liverpool with Woody, her adorable cat. CLI- Cats, Lifestyle, Interior- is bursting with posts about the latest home design- like this handy piece about buying second hand furniture, this tongue in cheek post about hipster plants (I plead guilty!) and beautiful photos such as this walk in Green Bank Park. Plus, Woody. I mean, come on.


Ralph's Birmingham



I’m happy to welcome Ralph back to my sidebar too! Ralph blogs all the way from the States, in Birmingham, Alabama. His blog covers all things Birmingham, and his love for his city is pretty evident. The most heart melting post you’re likely to read on a blog is this one about his love for his wife– you guys! It’s just SO SWEET! I mean, I’ve caught Robin calling me ‘mate’ sometimes so this amazing declaration of love speaks to me! Interestingly, Birmingham also hosted a visit from Obama, and I enjoyed reading up on Ralph’s thoughts about it here. Can’t say I would want to take David Cameron out in the style though 😉 And for all you podcast lovers out there, Ralph has a list of good ones that are worth a listen!


If you would like to see your blog as a Sidebar Superstar, you can head to my Advertise page to book a space! I have a discount code for the month of May on all Bronze and Silver spots- use BRONZE10 or SILVER10 at checkout. I use the wonderful folks at Passionfruit to take care of my Sponsors; it’s been great getting to know all of my blog sponsors and make a few friends!


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