Spring flowers with Appleyard

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]ith the bathroom renovation upheaving the flat-and my bladder-I’ve been spending more time outside to escape the dust and dirt. Luckily, the weather has been perfect and I can sit out there for hours typing away at the computer. When I’m not pulling bees out of Louie’s mouth that is. Little Louie, who is much smaller than his big, dopey mouse-catching brother has been so determined to bring home a ‘kill’, and has finally found his niche. Bees. He can hunt the humble bumble bee like no other. I don’t know how he manages not to get stung, but I can’t stop him, and he just looks so proud of himself.

Appleyard Flowers

Appleyard Flowers Discount 6

Appleyard Flowers Discount 1

Pepper the beast- not even a year old yet and he weighs a tonne. However, if he could talk, I’m sure it’d be along the lines of “Hodor” ūüėČ

Appleyard Flowers Discount 4

Working outside was made sweeter with this sunny flower delivery ¬†generously sent to me from¬†Appleyard Flowers. I love their bouquets and¬†Spring flowers¬†including this cheery looking bouquet full of yellow roses, tulips and orange gerberas¬†. The flowers are always full and and vibrant and nicely packaged so they don’t get squished in their box if you opt for their next day flowers delivery. For me, fresh flowers are such a treat to have around the home and always make me feel a little bit more pulled together. In all this dust and dirt, god knows I need something pretty around here!

Appleyard Flowers Spring Bouquet

Appleyard Flowers Discount 5

Appleyard Flowers have given me a massive¬†40% discount code with code BLOG40 on any of their luxury bouquets (excluding their flowers by post range) which I think is an amazing bargain. Their flowers are just so nice and brighten up any space…no matter how dusty…

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

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