Life Lately | living in a dust bowl

[dropcap]F[/dropcap]or the whole week, I haven’t stepped foot out of my neighbourhood. When we left for Copenhagen, work started on our bathroom. I naively thought the worst of it would finish while we were away. Silly me. This has sooo not been the case. For the past week I’ve been living in a dusty, mucky, paint-fumey bubble. It’s been a challenge and I’ve reached the end of the week with a bladder of steel and a new found appreciation for the vacuum cleaner. This kid is almost, sort of, a little bit, doing alright but this week has had it’s moments!


Isn’t she pretty? It was a big shock to the system when we came home last week and looked at our sad bathroom, completely tile-less! The new toilet didn’t have a seat for two days so you can imagine how fun that was. The first night, without any way of washing, was a wet wipe job at the kitchen sink, which I can tell you, was just the worst after coming off an airplane. I’ve put a few videos on Snapchat, so if you follow me on there you’ll have seen some of the carnage. I’ll do a Before and After style post once it’s finished- we’re almost at the home stretch now!



Since inside the house is a big old mess, I’ve been spending as much time outside as possible. We have a big popcorn tree at the end of the garden that looks amazing for about a week and then starts turning brown and sad. I’ve sat underneath it and snapping away before it starts transforming again. Louie, my little bee hunter, has been pulling some amazing faces this week. I think he probably smelt something bad in this one.


When it comes to letters as decoration, I’m like a magpie. We couldn’t possibly fit another initial into our house, but I didn’t want to leave Denmark with this ‘R’ in my carry on. It’s a good thing most shops in Copenhagen are shut on Sundays!


Robin made baked eggs in avocado for breakfast yesterday and the yolk was perfect for dunking my buttery toast into. He also made a side of salsa with bits of avocado and red onion and tomato, so good! I love salsa. I can never achieve perfect yolk dipping eggs, so this was heaven and for a few minutes I ignored the dusty mess we were sitting in.


And finally, like the rest of the world I have been giggling over the wonders of My Idol on my iPhone. It’s scarily good! I’m a crazily good dancer according to this app…singing and rapping, not so much. It’s all in Mandarin, so some of the fun is guesswork, but it’s fairly easy to work out how to make your avatar. For a free app, it’s fab!

The second half of my Copenhagen post is coming up- I can’t wait for a new week and for life to get back to normal!

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

13 thoughts on “Life Lately | living in a dust bowl”

  1. The same thing happened when we dd our bathroom about 6 months ago. Half the floor was rotten, so many problems with the walls. We had no loo seat for about 2 weeks, and then because our cistern broke on delivery we had to flush the loo with a bucket for about another month after the bathroom was finished. Such a pain! But so worth it in the end. Take deep breaths and dream about the first hot bath you get to take one it’s done. I made myself feel better by going to West Elm and buying nice jars and fancy hand soaps from & Other Stories for when it was all done 🙂 x


  2. hahaha I’m loving this post, very very fun! &&& loving your ‘the kids are all right and so are we’ poster! I totally want to hang that up now in my living room! I love salsa and avocado and I might need to follow that mini recipe! haha
    dropping in to leave some sunday love,xx


  3. After any plane trip no matter how big or small, all you want is a shower. You poor guys… my heart breaks for you. My london flat only had a shower hose, and that made me cry. Can’t imagine doing a “wipe wash” or no toilet seat. You have the greatest level of patience!!!


  4. I hope you weren’t weeing into your vacuum cleaner!

    Luckly we have a separate bathroom to our toilet…but there is still only one loo so when my boyfriend was renovating that it was the worst. There are things that happened that we will never speak of.


  5. I LOVE your bathroom makeover! I had to use the old bucket method one day after the plumber turned the water off and I couldn’t work out how to turn the valve back on. In fact, our look is leaking, so the job’s not entirely done yet 😐

    Even though it’s not finished, I do love it, you’re right- so worth it! It already looks cleaner and brighter and I’m just happy to sit on the tub and stare at the walls!


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