hej there Copenhagen!

[dropcap]L[/dropcap]ast weekend we took a quick weekend trip to Copenhagen to see friends, attend a christening and squeeze in some sight seeing. The flight only takes an hour and a half and tickets to fly to Denmark are so cheap- £80 return for a relatively last minute booking is pretty good in my book. A nice easy flight later, we landed at Copenhagen Airport and made our way to the Metro which takes you directly into the city centre- small tip, buy a ticket by the platform and not the main arrivals hall. There was no queue or crowds to battle through! A few short stops later we walked out of Kongens Nytorv station and found our way to our hotel.

Actually, our hotel was a hostel- it’s been a good few years since I stayed in one of those! But the Generator Copenhagen was brilliant. There are rooms for all types of travellers- families, solo travellers, or short breaks like us- for every budget. The night before our Air Bnb host cancelled our booking and by then every where in our price range had been booked. We came across the Generator, saw the pictures, and booked a private double room with an ensuite. It was clean, quiet, and within walking distance of everywhere we needed to be. I couldn’t fault it.

Even though it was late, we were starving and went for a walk around the neighbourhood looking for anywhere still open to get a late dinner. I saw a restaurant called Hot Buns, with the words ‘gastropub’ beneath it and thought, yeah burgers! Why not! As we settled into our seats, I realised Hot Buns wasn’t just a burger joint, but a Hooters style burger joint, with teeny tiny hot pants. Now, it all made sense. I laughed it off, I mean…my chicken burger was really good…

We came here for a friend’s christening, held at Kastel Kirken on Kastellet, a star shaped moat fort in the city. After breakfast at the hostel, we took a 15 minute walk towards Kastellet, taking our time and strolling through the streets.

Copenhagen Weekend 3

Copenhagen Weekend 2

Copenhagen Weekend 4

After a quick stop off for coffee, we wandered into the park outside Kastellet. It was a quiet morning, mostly full of runners and dog walkers and the odd duck or two in the river surrounding the citadel.

Copenhagen Kastellet 2

Copenhagen Kastellet 1

We crossed the bridge over the moat, through the cobbled archway, pass a soldier on duty and into the cobbled Citadel.


Copenhagen Kastellet 7

Copenhagen Kastellet 3

Copenhagen Kastellet cobblestones

Copenhagen Kastellet 6

The air is so much fresher out here, and even though it was chilly, the sun is just that extra bit brighter. It felt good to be out and breathing it all in, especially up on the hill.

There was just enough time to walk around the top of the moat to get a view across the city.  Aside from mostly being tall and beautiful, the Danish love their running and biking. Not even a half arsed jog but a full on gazelle sprint. People were using the track around the moat for some Olympic style sprinting!

Copenhagen Kastellet view


Copenhagen Kastellet view 3

Copenhagen Kastellet 9

Kastels Kirken

Kastel Kirken Copenhagen


Soon, we joined everyone for the service- Kastels Kirken is a beautiful church. The outside is painted a warm ochre yellow but once inside it has that minimal white look Scandinavians are known for- white walls, white pews and a grey pulpit overlooked by three oil paintings (the large one is called Christ on a cross) in gilded gold frames that date back to the 1600’s.

The service and hymns were all in Danish so I can’t tell you much about that, but it was nice to sit in that beautiful setting and share a special moment for so many families.

Afterwards, a celebratory lunch was being held at Gran Turino, an Italian restaurant in Nørrebro that is part of the Madklubben brand in Copenhagen…which meant good grubbing was on the cards! We decided to walk there since it was such a nice day, stopping off to get changed…and maybe a few extra stops along the way…

Copenhagen Kastellet 8

The Awkward Blog Copenhagen

Copenhagen Kastellet view 4

Pinocchio Boutique Copenhagen

Pinocchio boutique Copenhagen 2

We came across this charity shop on the way called Pinocchio Boutique, that had some seriously good vintage happening.  The association was set up in 1997, as a means of helping children from neglected homes and circumstances. After a browse, we all left with a pair of sunglasses (Ray Bans for me!) and my friend Alis picked up a pretty Hermes style scarf. I spotted a couple of Chanel and Louis Vuitton handbags…maybe for another trip!


Copenhagen Road Crossing

Copenhagen The Awkward Blog

Showing off our new buys! Should have caved and bought a scarf too!

Thanks to our excursion we were a little late to the party…we had the restaurant to ourselves and everyone sat down to feast on pizza and pasta.

I mean, pizza and pasta. That’s what Saturdays are for! Day One in Copenhagen, over and out.

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

9 thoughts on “hej there Copenhagen!”

  1. You mean you went to the Citadel and didn’t photograph the Mermaid?
    Wow! How DID you resist the temptation?


  2. its a pinky coral, so you’re right! Danish people- SO stylish and good looking! I wanted to come back to London to buy a pair of white Nike dunks to match my all black ensembles to emulate their style!


  3. I really enjoyed it over there! Such amazing fresh air and (that weekend at least!) the sunshine was just so blue and bright. We flew out there on Easy jet and flew back on Norwegian airlines, if that is of any help!


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