Sunset views at the Fenchurch Seafood Bar & Grill

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]f I thought spending the morning at the Sky Garden was nice, having dinner as the sun set from up here was pretty amazing. We booked our reservation for 7:15pm at Fenchurch Seafood Bar & Grill-perfect timing for catching the orange and pink glow across the sky from the very top of the Sky Garden. The vibe on the 35th floor was polar opposite to the last time I had visited- music was pumping and people were lounging everywhere, drinks in hand.

Sky Garden at Sunset

The terrace was already bathed in the last golden glow of the day- it was a beautiful sight. We headed straight to the restaurant, just up the steps along the garden path when Robin captured this beauty of a photo!

Sunset at the Sky Garden

Sky Garden at Sunset 2

We got seated, ordered a couple of drinks and got stuck into the menu- I was starving! I had saved my appetite for this all day. You know you’re in for a good meal when even the bread basket and amuse bouche are delicious…


The tiny shot of artichoke soup topped with parsley oil was rich and earthy, kind of like mushroom soup. And parsley oil is a revelation! Where can I get some?

For my starter I chose the Rabbit ‘bolognese’…

Sky Garden Fenchurch Bar and Grill 5

It was a good thing this was only a starter, as the small portion was more than enough. It was very rich and a light sprinkling of Berkswell cheese- made from unpasteurised sheep’s milk- and was adorned with a crunchy and garlicky topping.

Robin ordered the Tartare of Mackerel with cockles and oyster cream. It came served in a clamshell over a little bed of ice and seaweed- too pretty to eat…almost.

Sky Garden Fenchurch Bar and Grill 14

Sky Garden Fenchurch Bar and Grill 6

Sky Garden Fenchurch Bar and Grill

My cocktail came with the biggest piece of dragonfruit on the side and for once I didn’t eat the garnish as dragonfruit actually tastes of nothing. Exotic name, zero taste. This particular cocktail was a Fenchurch Fizz, with apple liqueur, vodka, passionfruit and I *think* pineapple. Basically, fruity and not overly sweet-just the way I like them.

For dinner, we both wanted something from the Grill. I got the Carabinero Prawns and Robin the Fillet steak and both came with thick, triple cooked chips.

Sky Garden Fenchurch Bar and Gril 2

Sky Garden Fenchurch Bar and Grill 16

My prawns were so delicious. I couldn’t fault their taste but…there’s a but. I was expecting them to be bigger…when I googled the dish I thought the prawns would be double the size like the ones I had seen in my Google Image search. However, would I order it again? Yes, probably!

The chips were wonderfully crispy on the outside and very fluffy on the inside but they were so big they could have been wedges instead. That’s just me nitpicking though, as overall, my dinner was lovely.

Robin’s fillet steak, that I stole more than few bites of, was tender and the peppercorn sauce it came with packed a nice punch. I jealously looked at his portion of truffle mac and cheese that came with it and wished I had gotten the same!

And then came my favourite part of every meal! Dessert…

Sky Garden Fenchurch Bar and Gril 3

Sky Garden Fenchurch Bar and Grill 7

Strawberry doughnuts for me! It was like having a deconstructed doughnut on a plate. There were little cubes of strawberry jelly with pieces of honeycomb and sliced strawberries sprinkled all over. A couple of bite sized doughnut pieces adorned the sides of my plate and thrown into the middle was a scoop of lime ice cream and buttermilk. So. Good.

I feel like if our meal order was a game, then Robin would have won by miles. Everything he chose looked amazing and made me seond guess what I had picked. For his dessert, he got the Raspberry Souffle with whiskey and oat ice cream. I took a bite and it was like Christmas in my mouth. The flavours were so fruity and almost spicy and I loved it. Again- jealous.

Sky Garden Fenchurch Bar and Grill 15

Sky Garden Fenchurch Bar and Grill 8

Sky Garden Fenchurch Bar and Grill 9

By the time we finished our meal, the sun was well and truly down and the city lights below were twinkling. There is a huge terrace overlooking down into the Sky Garden atrium…if you don’t have a head for heights, don’t look down!

Sky Garden at Night 2

Sky Garden at Night

We wound down after our meal wandering the different terraces and gardens. I couldn’t help but notice that this place was a popular date night spot- SO many couples! And it’s no suprise. Drinks and that view can’t be beat.

Angela Bowron The Awkward Blog

Sky Garden Fenchurch Bar and Grill 10

We then zipped back down to ground level in the lift- ear poppingly fast- and took off into the night to meet friends for a drink.

Sky Garden Fenchurch Bar and Grill 12

Sky Garden Fenchurch Bar and Grill 13

It was a lovely date night- that and coupled with seeing an old friend later-made it all extra special! Small tip- arrive a few minutes earlier before your restaurant reservation as you still have to queue through security check before you go up into the lift- bit of a mood killer, but the sunset makes it all worthwhile!

Fenchurch Seafood Bar & Grill at the Sky Garden
20 Fenchurch Street

0333 772 0020

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

20 thoughts on “Sunset views at the Fenchurch Seafood Bar & Grill”

  1. the views are worth it! i couldn’t fault the restaurant really, our waiter was super nice and attentive and the food was lovely. Should have known ordering prawns were a little risky, I drew the short straw with size! x


  2. What a beautiful sunset! Looks like you had a great time Angela. 🙂

    Aftab | Fresh And Fearless


  3. Wow. What an incredible location! I actually think it’s better than the views from the Shard- the greenery makes so much of a difference. Plus the food looks really good- nice to see restaurants not relying on gimmicks! Amazing photos! xx


  4. I’ve seen a lot of posts about this place in the middle of the day but not many from the evening/night and it looks utterly transformed. The food looks stunning also!

    Mel ♥ everyword


  5. Good lord Robin’s souffle with oat and whiskey ice cream (drool) looks incredible! And your doughnuts are so beautifully presented 🙂 in fact everything you ordered looks and sounds delicious – and on top of that you got the skyscraper sunset money shot! Looking gorge in the shot in front of the view, btw! xx


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