Happy Easter, bunnies! I swear it was Valentine’s Day just yesterday! Thanks to these lovely lot in my sidebar, the anticipation of Spring and chocolatey Easter fun has got me all kinds of excited for this new season. Who needs Pinterest when I’ve been inspired by Megan’s photos, laughed out loud to Katy’s stories, nodded along with everything Erica has had to say, wanted everything Jaclyn has worn, and escaped with Emily on her travel adventures. Get comfy and let me introduce you…


Oh Hey! Blog

Everyone, meet Megan.  Super funny, Megan and I would have quite the chin wag in real life. Case in point- this little whoopsy daisy incident at the Louvre had me chuckling. From Australia, Megan lived in Paris and has the most beautiful photos of the City of Light on her blog. In fact, she also has the most beautiful pictures from Down Under, where she has returned- like this stunning sunrise at Surfer’s Paradise. The vignetted snapshots from her home, Paris, or London are so nice to get lost into. Along with Single Girl Champagnes and a shared love of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, I just know you’ll love getting to know Megan too.



Little Miss Katy

I’m so happy to have Katy in my sidebar again this month- her London blog is just the smiliest, nicest place on the Internet! What I have been especially loving with Katy this month though are her VLOGS! – this recent one at a tapas cooking class (which has a few seconds of the cutest teeny dog!) plus a few glimpses of what it’s like at a blogger event, and this vlog when trying to take outfit photos in a park had me giggling along too. Apart from being a genuinely lovely person, I like Katy’s down to earthness (totally a word) and her Happy Monday posts are always a great antidote to the Monday Blues.


being erica

Being Erica

I first met Erica last Christmas and very nearly gave her my heart; she has a wicked sense of humour. She is a self proclaimed ‘one-time Australian’ and writes her life and style blog from here in London. One of my favourite bits of Erica’s blog is her Frock Swap series where she styles different dresses from different bloggers. Once upon a time, I used to live in Greenwich and really enjoyed this post which has some stunning photos from the top of the hill overlooking the London skyline. My favourite post of hers this month is her trip to Palma de Mallorca; all that gorgeous blue sky and sunshine made me weep as I pulled a jumper over my head. If you want a peek into her weekend adventures, blogger events and some pretty flipping fabulous fashion, Erica’s your girl.


Bumpkin Betty

Bumpkin Betty

I am SO pleased to have Jaclyn aka Bumpkin Betty on my sidebar again! I adore Jaclyn’s blog and she has been one busy superwoman this month. From turning 30, to getting her bespoke engagement ring made, with her ridiculously cool fashion sense (helloooo Boden Alice heels!)  if you haven’t read Jaclyn’s blog, now’s the time! My favourite post of hers is a gorgeous break in Keswick in the Lake District celebrating her birthday amongst all that lush scenery! As a Bride to Be as well, I can’t wait to see more wedding plan details from her. You’ll be hard pressed to find a prettier blog design around too!


Other awesome reads:

EAT All Over The World: Emily’s blog covers her worldly travels with her husband. Currently in Cambodia, I’ve enjoyed living through her photos and watching her explore that beautiful country. You could get lost in her blog; from moving to Australia from the States, to exploring Asia and what is a really exciting time in their lives, you’ll find yourself clicking through page after page to learn more about their adventures!


If you would like to see your blog as a Sidebar Superstar, you can head to my Advertise page to book a space! I use the wonderful folks at Passionfruit to take care of my Sponsors; it’s been great getting to know all of my blog sponsors and make a few friends 🙂

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

4 thoughts on “SIDEBAR SUPERSTARS”

  1. One thing I love about your blog is I get to see some fun European blogging – as most of the bloggers I know are from Canada or the US. Ill have to check out the Oh Hey blog as surfing, champagne and Kardashians has my name all over it.


  2. thanks Stephanie! I started out reading loads of US blogs (still do!) and didnt really get into reading and getting to know other UK bloggers too much until I started blogging myself. And Oh Hey is great, I’m sure you’ll love it!


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