Yellow is my favourite colour; I’m drawn to anything in that lush golden tone! Plus, Spring and Easter is practically here and soon bursts of daffodils and Mini Eggs will be everywhere. It’s happy inducing and it’s no coincidence that everything that’s caught my eye recently has yellow hues and gets my excited for that Spring time feeling…like the rest of the British public, I am sooo over Winter. Here are my picks of the lot…

Lust List 1

I’ve lived in my stripey jumper all Winter, so I loved this River Island stripey top to translate my look into the warmer weather. I can see myself wearing this with a black midi skirt and red pumps. The initial necklace with a heart gem will add that red pop I adore to any outfit, and it’s so cute. It’s very Tatty Devine, but it’s actually from Debenhams!

Lust List 2

Wedding season is coming up (mine included- whhaaaaat?!) and I’ve been on the lookout for a nice dress and shoes, preferably ones that I can wear once the day is over. Aside from the yellow colour, I picked this River Island dress for it’s kimono sleeves, which are flattering on everyone. Shoe wise, I fell in love with these polka dot Summit ones from Asos. They’re a little like the Boden Alice heels without the tassles! Ridiculously cute and the price is right (£35!)

Lust List 3

I am really into crisp white shirts lately. They’re classic and chic and easy to dress up or down. I liked this one from boohoo, and the cheeky slogan on the back…it’s so Pink Ladies with a T-Bird edge. Or so I’d like to think. A staple every summer- denim shorts. I like mine ripped and a certain length- it’s getting harder to find ones that aren’t bum eating length! What’s with that? These from River Island, again, look like they’d do the job.

Lust List 4

I love designer collaborations. Isabel Marant teamed up with Harper’s Bazaar for Browns to create this lovely tee shirt, and it is an awesome feminist shout out AND also Isabel Marant. The yellow handbag from Topshop is a bit of a ringer for the Lily Mulberry bag, except the Topshop one isn’t going to break the bank. Lovelovelove!

Lust List 5

Finally, there’s this beautiful yellow mac from Forever 21. Last year there was a similar one from Warehouse that sold out quickly and to be honest, I think I prefer this one anyway! And lastly, I’ve been lusting after this gorgeous jumper from J Crew in mint green with the flower sequins embroidered on the sleeves. Its perfect for Spring- the colours for one thing match my blog! And look at it, the embroidery!

What have you got your eye on this coming season?

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Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

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