black is the new black

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hen we first moved into our flat a few years ago, I was so delighted in the freedom of decorating it as I wanted that I went a little bit crazy with it. I wallpapered everything. I collected prints from Etsy like there was no tomorrow. Dozens of cushions were purchased. There was a lot of Cath Kidston kitchenware. Now, fast forward to 2015, my tastes have changed somewhat. Whilst I still love our white floorboards and mint green Smeg, there’s a few things that have changed- the wallpaper and kitsch have disappeared for one thing! Whereas before I was very much into colours, I suppose three years at my old agency have rubbed off and if it’s black and white, I’m all over it. Not quite minimalistic, but halfway there. I love black walls contrasting against white, and instead of an explosion of colour all over the house, there’s just accents of it here and there. My Home & Design board on Pinterest is brimming with inspiration like this…

Black Kitchen Wall

Black Headboard

Black Office Wall

As I had a whole weekend to myself- Robin is somewhere in the frozen tundra of Iceland- I took myself down to B&Q, bought a tin of matt black paint (specifically, the Colours Black Matt Emulsion as it was only £13) and got stuck in. I removed the shelves, taped up the sides with painter’s tape (never skip this part!) and just spent an nice hour singing along to the radio and painting the wall that gorgeous thick black colour.

I applied two coats for an opaque finish, let it dry, and put everything back in again! It was a good excuse to ditch some clutter as well as give the kitchen a nice spring clean. Ever since our boiler went bonkers, the ladder/nuts and bolts/toot has driven me up the wall. So I painted it instead to feel better 😉

Anyway- here’s the result!

Black alcove wall

Mint green Smeg fridge

I’m collecting new prints to replace the ones currently on the wall- I’ll do a bit of a show and tell when they’re up nicely! But I was thinking along the lines of these…

wall art 1

wall art 2

wall art 4

And because I’m not entirely monochromatic and minimalist, I took a shine to these gorgeous calendar prints from Rifel Paper Co

riffle paper calendar 2

riffle paper calendar 1


Even though we’re a long way off from that kitchen and bathroom renovation, little changes like a new wall colour or some new art make me feel SO much better.

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

7 thoughts on “black is the new black”

  1. I liked what you did to the place. Simple is most of the time best. Wish we could do the same in my apartment, but I think it wouldn’t work out so well for(especially since the complex folks would be mad if we did.


  2. I totally agree about the kitsch! I used to work in a (lovely) twee, pink tearoom, baking cupcakes and making tea. Unfortunately, everyone now thinks that cupcakes and pink are my taste and I get a lot of related gifts!


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