Friday the 13th

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hen I woke up this morning, I didn’t think I would have to spend my morning at the Vet. One poorly Pepper and a poop explosion later, I was safely tucked in at home because Happy Friday the 13th! Knock on wood there isn’t anything crappy coming my way-although you could say that’s already sort of happened? I think we were both traumatised after this morning and so the kittens and me piled onto the bed, where I fell asleep and had an accidental solid 3 hour nap. A bowl of Cheerios later, I am ready to party…with pyjamas and Netflix. Its a wild life I lead.

Stoke Newington Church Street

Stoke Newington Clissold Park Tennis

Hackney Flea Market

Friday the 13th shenanigans aside, all this Spring sunshine we’ve had this week has been needed. I can feel my skin drinking up those sun rays! My favourite thing this week has been sitting outside with my morning tea- granted I am out there sifting through emails, but sunshine. Last weekend, we took a stroll through Clissold Park and browsed through the antique shops and flea markets in Stoke Newington. We stopped by our local pet shop to pick up some supplies- its on Stoke Newington High Street and if you pop in, there will always be an enormous black cat called Rocky sitting by the till, and another in the back sleeping by the fish tanks.

It was the sort of weekend that makes you appreciate where you live, all the little bit more 🙂

The Awkward Blog

I was in town the other day and made a detour through China Town to pick up some noodles and a few Asian groceries- namely Kaya (a kind of coconut jam) and somehow ended up walking away with a whole Pandan Chiffon cake that might not have survived the journey home completely intact…

The Awkward Blog

Getting an impromptu pedicure was also up there topping recent life lately lists – I swear if I had known we would decide to pop in I would have a) not worn my Vans without socks and b) shaved my legs

It was heavenly. My feet were soaking away in blue bubbles, the massage chair was kneading that horrible knot in my back away, and errrr the pedicurist was beautifying my feet. Lucky her. As I sat there I realised that not only was I showing off a week’s worth of fuzz but that there was a spot on my big toe that had decided to show up to the party too. Dark haired ladies, you feel my pain, I’m sure.

But this being a place of beauty, there was no judgement here and if I entered the shop with cloven hooves for feet, I left with soft dainty ones that Cinderella would be proud of. If you’re in the Wandsworth area, LA NailSpa in Wandsworth is the best! Speaking of Nail salons…please tell me you’ve seen this? Anjelah Johnson is my hero.

Freshly baked bread

I excitedly posted this to Instagram the other day- I was that elated about making my first loaf of bread. I don’t why I was so intimidated by bread…maybe because yeast? Anyway, I used the Fabulous Baker Brother’s recipe and it was so simple and easy to make. It makes the best toast too- it makes a really satisfying crunchy noise as you bite into it.

Here to take us out onto the weekend…

The Awkward Blog

Louie, the rockstar.

Have an awesome weekend everyone.

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

11 thoughts on “Friday the 13th”

  1. Sounds like mine when the DVD tray ejects a disk, I dunno what is it about those creatures and wanting to play with everything they’re not supposed to…

    Mel ♥ everyword


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