Brunch at Lima Floral

[dropcap]P[/dropcap]eruvian food has gripped London- all the latest go to restaurants in the Capital involve Peruvian inspired cuisine and Pisco Sours are served and sipped within their bars. Whilst our days and nights have been chockablock with stuff (you know, the never ending list of to do’s and life admin that just piles up and seems important but you can never remember what it is exactly you’ve been doing for the last 2 hours of your life?) our weekends are a little bit more chilled out. I’m slowly- very slowly– trying to be more of a morning person so we were up and at them early on Sunday morning to visit Lima Floral for a spot of Brunch- with a Peruvian twist.

The Awkward Blog Lima Floral

Lima Floral Brunch 2

Lima Floral Brunch 1

Of course, I had a tasty flat white to sip on…although really, I need this on a intravenous drip to make me nice and sociable. Robin- healthy as always, had a jasmine tea.

From the menu, we chose Option 1; the Andean Breakfast (£18 p/p) It promised lots of different dishes, sweet and savoury, and in the morning I can’t really stomach anything heavy so it seemed the way to go. For an extra £15 you can have unlimited glasses of Prosecco and have a truly boozy brunch but my flat white hadn’t even kicked in yet…

Along came our first course- thick Greek yogurt with fruit and honey drizzled on top, and a warm bowl of quinoa porridge.

Lima Floral Brunch 3

Lima Floral Brunch 4

Lima Floral Brunch 5

Greek yogurt is the best; thick and creamy, and its my favourite. I asked the waitress what was in ours and she said it was flavoured with eucalyptus. I would never have guessed this, it was so different but worked so well, especially with the sweetness of the plums, strawberries and maca root ( it tasted similar to plantain)

In comparison, the warm bowl of quinoa porridge was comforting and just how I like my porridge to be- not too sweet but certainly not lacking in flavour. This had a citrusy aftertaste and afterwards I didn’t feel bloated as ‘normal’ porridge can make me feel. In fact, who knew you could make porridge from quinoa! Not just a fancy super food addition to your salad box!

Our bowls whisked away, our next course arrived…

Lima Floral Brunch 7

Lima Floral Brunch 6

Lima Floral Brunch 9

We were given an egg and spring onion frittata and a potato pancake also drizzled in honey. The potato pancake tasted just like a regular pancake! (pretty good then 😉 )  I don’t normally eat eggs, but I had a few bites of the frittata; it was a nice savoury balance after all the sweetness from the pancake.

Then there was the brioche buns…we know how I feel about brioche. Brioche can do no wrong in my book!

Filled with suckling pig, Robin said they were different from normal pulled pork buns as the suckling pig had a bit of crunch from the crackling. Fancy!

Our final course, for dessert…

Lima Floral Brunch 10

Lima Floral Brunch 11

There was a scoop of coffee ice cream served with a couple of alfajores– basically shortbread sandwiched with dulce de leches and dusted with lots of icing sugar- and these colourful little pips of meringue.

Having a three course brunch felt like a wonderful treat but at £18 per person, it’s a steal. I thought the flavour combinations were clever and worked well- usually brunch meals are so egg-centric (no pun intended!) and for someone like me that doesn’t eat them a lot, my options can be limited. This brunch affair was pretty fun! It was good to get a little bit of everything, sweet and savoury.

Lima Floral Street Restaurant

Lima Floral Street Restaurant 3

You can find Lima Floral just on the corner of Floral Street, although the address is:

14 Garrick Street,
0207 240 5778

It’s a short walk from Leicester Square; definitely give it a try for a different spin on Brunch!



^^my meal was complimentary  but thoughts, opinions, and appetite (!) all my own! ^^

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

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