The Shackmeister Burger

[dropcap]O[/dropcap]ne of the first things I wrote about on this here blog, at the height of Burger Mania in London, was the new opening of Shake Shack in Covent Garden. I’ve eaten many a burger around London, but I’ve always remained loyal to the Shake Shackers; from my first bite of a Shack Burger in New York and now to their latest menu addition in London- The Shackmeister Burger. Unable to make it to their launch night, Shake Shack invited me back for dinner and just like that summer they opened, Ismay came along- two tastebuds are better than one!

ShackMeister Burger 3

ShackMeister Burger

ShackMeister Burger 7

We each got a Shackmeister burger- made up of cheese, crispy shallots and ShackSauce- and shared a ShackMeister Dog, seeing as that is what inspired the creation of it’s burger counterpart. I also got the regular crinkle cut fries whereas Ismay got the cheesy topped one- I’m strictly a ketchup only kind of girl.

The burgers were juicy, the bun didn’t fall apart (in fact, the bun is perhaps my favourite bit, carbaholic here), and the cheese was gooey enough but didn’t overpower the flavour of the ShackSauce. All in all, a really good, meaty handful of a burger.

Shake Shack Fries

ShackMeister Dog

As it was a school night, we said no to the beers but yes please to my favourite drink on the menu, a Fifty Fifty- half ice tea, half lemonade.

ShackMeister Burger 4

ShackMeister Burger 6

So the verdict?

I preferred the ShackMeister burger than the Dog, whereas Ismay couldn’t get enough of the ShackMeister Dog than the burger.

I liked the addition of the crispy shallots, but missed the lettuce and tomato from my usual ShackBurger. BUT ROOKIE MISTAKE! Afterwards, as we spoke to the manager, she said you could add ingredients to your burger. Is this the Secret Menu that the Internet whispers about? I think so…so next time, I’m ordering the ShackMeister and adding my greens to it.

Covent Garden Piazza

Although a Custard Concrete dessert was offered, it was so freezing and we were so full, a walk around the piazza was all we could manage before heading home into a wonderful, wonderful food coma.

Shake Shack are opening up a new branch in Westfield Stratford soon, but judging by their Custard Calendar, you will most likely see me there next week to get a Smores flavour fix…

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

8 thoughts on “The Shackmeister Burger”

  1. The Shake Shack sounds like a place we have here in Birmingham called Jack Brown Beer and Burger Joint. They have a burger called the Greg Brady that I love!! It’s a burger with Mac and Cheese and BBQ Potato Chips. It’s awesome!!!


  2. I love a good burger and these look tasty. Cheesy chips are one of my favourite foods so my mouth is seriously watering x

    Amanda / Amanda’s Escape


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