[dropcap]Y[/dropcap]ou’ve heard me bleat on about Leon Bridges an awful lot lately, but when an musician or a song grabs me, I just can’t let it go. Poor Robin has put up with me playing songs over, and over, and over again and Leon Bridges has been playing an awful lot in our house. I’m a huge fan of Motown music, and Leon Bridges is like a voice from the past, he just gets it. When I found out he was flying all the way over to London from Fort Worth, Texas to play a gig at The Lexington, I was online at 9am on the dot for those precious tickets before they sold out. Luckily, he’s playing another gig at The Old Blue Last on March 5th; you’re in for a treat if you make that show.

Leon Bridges London 2

He started his set off with Coming Home, of which the video has just been released (he signed to Columbia Records), and then went through a few songs he had written that weren’t available on his Soundcloud profile. He sang a beautiful song about his grandfather falling in love with his grandmother, that got an audible awww from the crowd, followed by another song written about his mother called Lisa Sawyer. My favourite song he performed was Brown Eyed Girl, it was the first time I heard it and it’s up there with Better Man.

Speaking of the crowd, The Lexington was packed. It was different to other gigs I’ve been to- there was a distinct lack of mobile phone recording, selfie taking, general obnoxiousness you have to put up with at gigs- but lots of appreciative whooping, like everyone was just on tenterhooks to hear what he else he had up his sleeve.

His band were amazing- from the backing singers, to the guys on the guitars, saxophone and drums. The whole entourage have got that vintage look down. If you follow his official Instagram, it’s full of beautiful black and white photos and sneak peeks of his recordings.

The video for Coming Home was just released this morning- plug your headphones in and turn up the volume and get thee to The Old Blue Last on Friday!


Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London


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