The Pandora Wishing Tree event

[dropcap]L[/dropcap]ast week I stopped by Drink, Shop & Do to visit the Wishing Tree by Pandora. I dodged through the heaving tables of people decorating their Lionel Richtea’s (Drink, Shop, & Do have really cool themed nights) and entered the private room at the back and almost walked straight into the pinkest tree I’m likely to ever see. Naturally I wanted to gravitate towards the table laden with cakes and sweets, but I resisted for a whole ten minutes and got chatting to people, because, manners.

pandora wishing tree event

Ta da! My beaming face with a fancy origami flower that I made. Evidence that I can indeed get a little crafty (with a lot of instruction though!)…the idea was that we wrote a wish on our piece of paper, folded it into a pretty flower, and tied our wishes to the tree. Tying it to the tree however, needed a whole other class to master.

Pandora Wishing Tree Event

Pandora Wishing Tree Event

There was also another craft corner sewing lavender scented hearts. I wanted to give it a go, but then I had a flashback to that time at school when I couldn’t sew a cushion cover, I begged the teacher to let me finish it at home, and then paid five dollars to the local seamstress to fix it for me. Long story short…I passed the assignment and I’ve hated sewing ever since.

Pandora Wishing Tree Event

pandora wishing tree 4

pandora wishing tree 3

Pandora Wishing Tree Event

After a good natter with a couple of other bloggers and a nice handful of sweet treats, it was time for me to head back out before I consumed more Prosecco and ended up doing the truffle shuffle or something embarrassing.

Pandora Wishing Tree Event

pandora wishing tree event 2

Earlier that evening I had written on my origami note that I wished for a year full of love and happiness and a fun and beautiful wedding. When I got home, it was a treat to find that my wish had sort of come true…

Pandora Love Bracelet

Pandora Love Bracelet

It’s the daintiest and sweetest bracelet! You can visit the Wishing Tree online to send your wish and gift to a friend. Or, if you’d prefer to pick something out yourself, you can pick a Pandora gift instead.

There’s a cute video of the evening where the only thing you will spot me doing are my futile attempts at tying that flower to the tree…honestly, me and craft materials. We’ll never get along.

Pandora and me…well, she gave me Love! BFF’s for life, to be honest 😉

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

7 thoughts on “The Pandora Wishing Tree event”

  1. that sweet little bracelet is precious! I never really thought about pandora before because I’m not a fan of charm bracelets and honestly thought that’s all they had!


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