I am officially on Spring Watch, meaning it takes me twice as long to get ready everyday. Is it warm enough to ditch that extra layer? Do I need my thick jacket or that impractical but cute duster coat? I am so over bundling myself up like the Stay Puft marshmallow man. The Press days at Joules, boohoo and George. tantalised me with their bright colours and florals…meanwhile I sit in front of my wardrobe staring at my grey and black cold weather clothes and count down to sunnier times ahead.
I think I enjoy online shopping simply for putting items into my basket and then quickly closing down the browser before I check anything out- cheap thrills!

I will confess I’ve already bought the yellow tea dress from Forever 21. It’s lined so you’re not in any danger of flashing your polka dot granny pants to the public- speaking from experience. And as long as you’ve got a snug pair of fleecy tights, you can get away with wearing your summery dresses when it’s not…summer. Seriously though, fleecy tights! Best invention ever- even warmer than my jeans. I love the ones from Pretty Polly as they last a little longer than ones I’ve tried from Primark.

Forever 21 Ditsy Dress

I’ve had the grey wrap maxi skirt saved in my Asos basket for ages, patiently waiting for it to go on sale..although at £20 it’s not that much of a splurge. I’d dress it down with a tank top or 90’s style ringer t shirt, but specifically this one from Vans. You can take the girl out of the skate park…

Vans Off The Wall

Aside from polka dots, I’ve also got a teeny thing for heart prints- I blame Comme des Garconnes. I’d like a classic pair of CDG trainers with their signature heat shaped little dude on the side. Channeling my inner Zooey Deschanel, I also went all doe eyed for these two heart printed shorts and playsuit from boohoo.com. Again, also works with tights! See, I’m being really practical here.

Boohoo Heart Print Playsuit

Last year, I had a tulle obsession. Topshop had a couple of cute skirts and dresses that embraced the ballerina in me, but they just weren’t pouffy enough. This one from boohoo.com looks pouffier and is half the price- comes in black and grey, but I think the nude colour ticks all the boxes.

Comme des Garconnes shoes

Every Summer, I buy one accessory that I wear with everything, everyday. Nodding back to 2010 when I wore a feather wrap in my hair (yep, really) is this feather hoop earring from Asos. Definitely easier to wear than a real feather…

Matisse Nugent Bootie

Saving the best for last…the Matisse Nugent leopard print boot. I’ve had my eye on these forever. They’ve got a wedge heel, so even clumsy clogs like me can walk in them and they’re the perfect leopard print pattern and colour. I’ve only found them on US websites, but Nastygal offers free international shipping at the moment, which kind of means you’re making a saving…right?

Have you got any items you’re saving for a sunny day?


Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

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