Oh February, you cupid of a month. This month’s big sidebar sponsor superstar has been Thinking Bob. We’ve got one super thing in common, Thinking Bob and I, and that is the Big Smoke itself, London, and our love affair with it. They’re more than a dating website, they have fun events and socials all over the city and members- or Bobbers- get together to have fun and socialise, and if you click with someone that’s all for the better!  And rather than swiping to the left on that phone app, I think it’s great to get out and meet and find new friends…kind of like being a blogger without a blog.

Thinking Bob

Membership is £1 for the first month and £12 after- if you have a peek at their social media, they’re a bunch of busy bobbers, getting up to all sorts of fun (Quizzy Rascals anyone?)

They have an event this Saturday, which sounds like it’ll be a good laugh- The Valentine’s Liars Street Game, strolling through St James on an interactive street game tour before a few drinks down the pub at the end of it. It sounds a little bit mysterious to be honest. I think their recent event at Drink, Shop & Do with Lionel Richtea sounded right up my street! Decorating Rich tea biscuits into the legendary Lionel? You’ll have me dancing on the ceiling, all night long 😉

If you are interested in becoming a sidebar superstar, you can find out all about the advertising spots I offer here!

Look out next month, I’ve got some lovely bloggers to feature 🙂


Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

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