Love, Soho House and a movie with eHarmony

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]love old movie classics. One of my favourite films is Singin’ in the Rain- I can’t get enough of the fashion, the dashing men, and the old timey music. eHarmony invited us down the screening room at Soho House to watch a James Stewart classic, The Shop Around The Corner. You might already be familiar with the story line- it’s the film that inspired You’ve Got Mail.

We did the cool thing of tailgating Adrien Brody and his friend into Soho House, me frantically mouthing to Sarah “ADRIEEEENBRODDDY!!” before the receptionist told us we needed to go around the corner to the other entrance on Old Compton Street. Cool factor fail! Leaving Adrien behind, we walked back downstairs and found ourselves in the right door and the first ones to arrive inside the Screening Room. Which meant…trying out every seat in the house!



E Harmony UK Soho House Screening Room

The Shop Around The Corner tells the romantic tale of Alfred and Klara, who work at a gift shop owned by Mr. Matuschek. In person, they bicker and annoy each other, neither realising that the love letters they are exchanging through a shared postbox are in fact with each other.

The couple next to us actually met via eHarmony and were now engaged; the cinema room in Soho House practically glowed with love hearts that evening!

With love in mind, eHarmony have given me a discount code for 38% off their membership, just use code LOVE CINEMA and that’s valid until the 30th of April. You never know what could be just around the corner (like my good pal Adrien..ahem)

Pop over to eHarmony’s Youtube channel here

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

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