Dim Sum afternoon tea at Le Chinois

[dropcap]I [/dropcap]wrapped up the weekend by going to a blogger’s favourite- an afternoon tea. Instead of the usual scones and Earl Grey, Le Chinois at the Millennium Hotel in Knightsbridge have created a dim sum afternoon tea; a combination of my two favourite kinds of meals!



Dodging my way through the crowds outside Harrods, I arrived at the Hotel to an ‘intimate’ gathering of 27 bloggers, including a few familiar faces 😉 Hey Katy, Sarah and Jasiminne! Thanks to Jasiminne for taking the above photo of my face, where I am not shutting my eyes. Sitting down at the longest table I’ve ever sat at, sample plates of their afternoon tea started to arrive.


Minced chicken in lettuce…



Char Sui buns…these soft billowy buns have long been a favourite of mine.


…and some prawns and pineapple with a wasabi sauce. I’m not a fan of wasabi, it makes my nose itch, so I steered clear of these, looking longingly at the chunky fried prawns covered in the one sauce in the world that I dislike. Boo!

The food kept on coming…


Siu Mai, little parcels of steamed prawn dumplings. These are Robin’s favourite; I think there’s a family story that he once ate 6 baskets of these on his own.


Crispy prawn wonton fans…


Duck spring rolls, with Hoi Sin sauce on the side.


Hairy prawns- these are a mess, I defy you not to spill a hairy crumb all over yourself when tucking into these.


Red bean Mochi with sticks of mango. Even though I know Mochi has a weird texture, I always stuff one into my mouth, because they look so cute. This had the very same silky texture!


These were super tender beef skewers; a good addition to the prawn dominating menu.

I think that as there were so many of us, we weren’t able to share a tier of food, instead a few were laid out on the table to help ourselves on top of the platters that were served. If you came to Le Chinois for their Dim Sum afternoon tea, this is what you would be beautifully presented with…



To round off the presentation, they held a demonstration on carving up and serving crispy duck pancakes.




After delicately slicing the skin from the duck and carving slivers of meat onto a plate, a spoonful of Hoi Sin sauce is smeared in a figure of eight onto the pancake roll. Eight is considered to be the luckiest number according to Chinese custom (hence why our wedding date is on the 8th of August!) After that slices of cucumber and spring onion are added and the pancake deftly rolled three times to make a little wrap of deliciousness.

Suitably stuffed, it was time to go home, just as the sun was setting over Knightsbridge.


Thank you to Joe Blogs for the invite; a Sunday afternoon eating one of my favourite kinds of food in Knightsbridge is an awesome way of wrapping up the weekend. You can make a reservation here if you want to while away the afternoon, especially if you’re in the area as its only a short stroll away from Harrods and Harvey Nicks! Le Chinois is on the 1st floor of the hotel, just walk up the winding steps by Reception.

Millennium Hotel Knightsbridge
17 Sloane Street
020 7235 4377

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

14 thoughts on “Dim Sum afternoon tea at Le Chinois”

  1. These photos remind me how we started out competitively chopsticking whatever little we were presented with but toward the end we were overwhelmed with food. Oh the food coma, oh the bulging belly. I slept like a baby that night! Good times. x

    Jasiminne | Posh, Broke, & Bored


  2. Mmm! I’ve been salivating over the concept of this tea on Jasiminne’s blog but the pillowy char siu look especially good here – I love the idea of being able to nosh on Chinese buns at a high tea! Seriously addictive stuff 🙂 xx


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