why January is just grody

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he first week of January is always just the worst. It’s tough gathering the momentum to get back to a normal routine, and I feel like I’ve really struggled with it! This week I’ve been tweaking the Bloggeration website, buckling down to some wedding prep, dying my hair, and trying to finish some articles for AXS.com but then getting sidetracked. I can’t focus on any one thing at the moment; so let’s just blame it on January.
If you do one thing this weekend, please check out Leon Bridges. He’s a 25 year old musical genius, with a sound like Sam Cooke reincarnated. It’s been on repeat pretty much non stop since I first read about him. If you like motown or soul music, you will love this. Trust.

Here are some pictures from my iPhone from this week:


Getting lost in Borough Market on my way to meet Sarah. I paused in the middle of the street as I realised it all looked very familiar and then it twigged. Bridget Jones’s pad! As if Bridget would be able to afford to live there in real life, but hey I’ll take film life over real life any day.


After finally finding my way, we had a lunch meeting in the world’s best Nando’s, simply down to this amazing riverside view of St Pauls, with just a glass window separating us from the murky Thames River.


Clink Street and some medieval ruins. I love walking along this part of the river. It feels steeped in history, and I always tell myself to take better advantage of the sights around here.


After an epic 5 hours sitting in Starbucks drinking my weight in hazelnut lattes, we finally left that evening with Bloggeration pretty much done. It was dark as we left, and on the walk back towards the station, we passed a very beautiful St Paul’s all lit up. In fact, strolling along around this part of London is a must do. It’s picture perfect.


I threw together a rough recipe for Huevos Rancheros this morning. I fried some onions and tomatoes together, threw in some paprika and chilli powder and cut up some sausage in place of chorizo. Then I added the eggs, let it bubble for a few minutes, and we ate it with crusty, toasted bread. Despite saying it smelled like feet as I started cooking it, Robin loved it, so I guess that means this will be a breakfast regular from now on. It was tomatoey, sweet, and had a little bit of a kick. Plus, only one pan to wash up . Win!


As our breakfast bubbled away, the postman delivered a box of 200 vintage records from the 1970’s that we ordered from eBay. I’ve been camped out on the floor since, going through each of them. They smell musty and faintly of cigarettes, like they used to live in a jukebox of a smoky old dive.

Wedding prep wise, I’ve booked an appointment at the Registry Office this week to give notice of our intent to marry- or some jargon along those lines- and pay them £70 for the pleasure of doing so. Eye roll. I’m *fingers crossed* going to meet with a caterer, at some point, at our venue to talk about feeding and watering our guests, so that will hopefully get sorted out too! Don’t get me started on a photographer. That’s still giving me sleepless nights.

With wedding prep also comes the question…Hen Do. The thought of wearing a Bride to Be banner makes me want to break out in hives so I’m trying to come up with alternative fun weekends. I’ve checked out mini breaks to Disneyland Paris and Alton Towers because I can’t think of anything better than Mickey Mouse or roller coasters, but those might possibly be out of the question too. So any suggestions welcome!

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

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