Dinner at the Shangri La Hotel with George.

[dropcap]A[/dropcap] couple of weeks ago, a gorgeous black sequin dress from George. arrived on my doorstep; I was invited to a Christmas dinner they were hosting at The Shangri La Hotel, within the towering hulk that is The Shard! Sparkly dress and a sit down dinner? Talk about having a Cinderella moment. With my oyster card in hand, the Jubilee line was my pumpkin carriage for the evening, but forget Prince Charming; I wanted a turkey dinner!


Arriving at the hotel, I was guided through the lobby and then zipped up to the 32nd floor. I stopped to take a picture of the amazing view (and maybe pull up my already sagging tights!) then made my way down the winding steps to meet the other bloggers over a few drinks and nibbles. The foyer was stunning; the floor to ceiling windows showing off the sparkling lights of London together with the golden decorations made a very beautiful setting. I had one of those ‘seriously, I live here?‘ moments just looking at the lights below.


I spy the London Eye! The last time I had been up the Shard was when it had recently opened and as luck would have it, it snowed! We didn’t get much of a view, but the snow swirls were pretty. After much gawping and some chatter, we were led into a private dining room for dinner, still overlooking that glittering landscape!





Not having an office anymore means I miss out on the office Christmas outing, so this was such a nice occasion to get festive. It was also really lovely to catch up and get to know the bloggers that I had been tweeting and following! Our meal then started, Christmas crackers were pulled and paper hats were worn (except mine, it actually didn’t fit my ginormous head)


…a delicious starter of smoked salmon with Cornish crabmeat and caviar, with cubes of beetroot and kefir lime, followed by…



…our Christmas dinner! Turkey with all the trimmings, although perhaps a bit prettier than the ones we muster up at home 😉


Pudding was a rich chocolatey affair, with brownie pieces and a scoop of caramel ice cream.




Then, to truly top off a splendid dinner and because it was ‘Christmas’ after all, George. pulled out all the stops and made sure Santa gave us some early presents.





Lots of snuggly winter treats from George. for the season! I love my tartan slippers and of course, my awesome Christmas jumper. Behold the beautiful tradition that is the British Christmas jumper!


We were then taken up even higher, to the 52nd floor to the Gong Bar. It was dark, sultry and very cool. Oh, and there was a swimming pool, because why not?





My black sequin dress from George. is an unbelievable £25- I’m all set for New Year in this dress too! In fact, we were all wearing outfits from George. Mine also comes in pewter and gold, and is very comfortable; it hid my full belly for one thing 😉 Everyone looked gorgeous, and if you’re stuck for a party dress, you can check out their dresses online.


You can watch the video of our evening below; it makes me want to reach for some mince pies and wine to relive it all over again:

Everyone I got the chance to meet was lovely, you can read their experiences on their blogs:

Katy- Little Miss Katy
Laura- Tiny Twisst (who has also vlogged the evening here)
Laura- Heroine in Heels
Erica- Being Erica
Robyn May Day
Six Out of Ten mag
EJ Style

Thank you George. for being such amazing hosts and for making me feel as fabulous as Beyonce, it was a truly delightful evening! Merry Christmas!

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

10 thoughts on “Dinner at the Shangri La Hotel with George.”

  1. What a great event to get to go along to, it looks like you had a wonderful evening. The Shard is such a beautiful building and look at those pretty Christmas dresses. Lucy


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