A Nuffnang workshop and why I shouldn’t craft

[dropcap]D[/dropcap]id you all have wonderful weekends? I had a pretty good one as far as weekends go. If this weekend had a theme it would be totes emosh. In all seriousness though, the Nuffnang workshop I went to on Saturday gave me a fair bit of food for thought, a little inspiration, a lot of aspiration, and the urge to run home and rejig this blog. I am never 100% satisfied with it- it’s like I’ve scratched an itch in the general area, but haven’t hit the spot, you know?




If you haven’t been to a Nuffnang workshop before, I really recommend going to one whether you are a new or veteran blogger. They are so helpful and its such a good opportunity to meet people and pick each other’s brains. Fran from Fall for DIY, Carrie from Not The Kind Of Girl, and Marlene from Chocolate, Cookies and Candies all gave really handy and inspirational talks about their blog journeys; how they developed to finding their voice. I really empathised with Fran about developing her blog’s look and getting disheartened, Carrie’s advice and insight about using your voice and personal branding, and Marlene’s inspirational Sisterhood of the Travelling Jacket series. I came away wanting to be better, more creative and more…’meatier’. Man, I am killing it with the descriptions today- itchy, meaty, what next!

Unfortunately I could only stay for the first half of the workshop as I had to pop down the road to my friend Alexis’s house to make baby shower decorations. This was/is a challenge because 1) I have the attention span of a newt and 2) I just lack any coordination when glue/scissors/crepe paper/basically anything to do with Hobby Craft is placed in front of me.


After about 1000000 sheets of crepe paper later, the tassels were starting to resemble something Pinterest worthy. I waddled home with an armful of these, and they are now safely stored in the loft space to prevent certain nosy kittens from sinking their claws into it. These were surprisingly easy to make! If this newt can do it, so can you.

On Sunday evening, Robin got us two tickets to see Aziz Ansari’s stand up comedy show in Hammersmith, which I thought was a nice way to round off the weekend.



This was the at beginning of his show when he got everyone to take a photo to get it out their system. I was in stitches, I could barely take the picture- something about a blurry brown figure and Usher. We lucked out on the way home and got on an empty train- show me a Londoner that doesn’t get excited when they find themselves on an empty train! I once sang out loud in an empty carriage- strangely liberating. It was late when we got in, and some post show munchies needed to be gobbled down in the form of instant ramen noodles. Sometimes, only those dehydrated noodle squares will fill that gap in your belly.

In blog news: I had the pleasure of sponsoring Sunny Sweet Pea this month, you can read this post where I answered some of her questions about myself and this blog.

I have just installed a Subscription widget in my sidebar over yonder, just beneath my (also new) Categories section. All you need to do is enter your email address and anytime I post something new, a notification gets sent to your inbox!

Like my kitchen idol Ina Garten says, how easy is that?

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

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