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I got a lovely pressie through the post the other day. I opened up the package and as I peeked inside, I realised I was staring at myself! Wrap.Me create personalised wrapping paper from your photos, which you can upload from your computer, Facebook or Instagram accounts. They handpicked some of my pictures from Instagram and sent me the first surprise present of the season. With my little helpers, I got to opening the present…


…ta da! A pair of socks! With a sense of humour like that, I think I like Wrap.Me even more 😉

There was a spare sheet of wrapping paper ready for me to use, and since his cheeky face is plastered all over it, Louie was very into it.



Alot of my photos get lost on Instagram, I have over a thousand photos uploaded, so it was really nice to see some forgotten pictures on there. There was the sunset in Thailand after our engagement, the plane view over Barcelona, my first cup of Barry’s tea in Dublin, and of course a Shake Shack burger. You don’t have to use Instagram though, you can use Facebook photos too or upload them from your computer. I have some really cool polaroid scans from Christmas a couple of years ago that I would love to make into some special wrapping paper for my family’s gifts this year. Even if all you’ve bought is another pair of *ahem* socks for Dad, the wrapping paper has the “awww” factor so that it doesn’t matter if you’ve been rubbish with gifts this year!

If you’d like to have a go at creating your own special wrapping paper, head to Wrap.Me and have a play. You can order a single sheet, a small roll or even a large one if you need to. If you’d like, you could tweet them here to show off your super duper one of a kind wrapping paper (also, I am nosy, and would like to see what you come up with!)

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

14 thoughts on “Instagram wrapping paper with”

  1. This is such a fantastic idea and thank YOU for sharing. I love unique touches like this. Well played


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