Chocolate, wine and the BBC Good Food show

[dropcap]P[/dropcap]art of the beauty of being freelance is not having to adhere to a strict schedule. On Friday afternoon, I was able to nip to the BBC Good Food Show with Sally, who greeted me with a lovely bag of chocolate! How awesome is that? It was also super nice to meet Jaclyn and Siobhan, who have the most beautiful blogs by the way. Once all gathered, we made our way inside the cavernous Olympia- it was literally a labyrinth of food stalls. Everything imaginable was there- chutneys, oils, cheese, gin, chocolate, vegetables, cake, sushi- it was endless. Speaking of chocolate, the most exciting part of the day was the Lindt Excellence Chocolate Wine Pairing session that we had been given tickets for…


The Tasting Theatre was beautifully laid out; each place setting had a square of Lindt chocolate and a matching glass of wine to go with it. It was a really interesting class, especially as I am no expert on wine! My favourite combination was the Lindt cherry chocolate paired with a Pinot Noir; the cherries and almonds in the chocolate really complimented the rich berry notes in the wine. I also tried some Reisling for the first time, paired with a square of chocolate orange. It was quite festive actually, the Reisling was really sweet and citrusy- maybe a little too sweet for me, and that’s saying something! With a goody bag full of Lindt chocolate we went back to the labyrinth exhibition hall to sample some more food.


I came across some unusual finds; there was a stall with sauces, herbs and spices from the Far East (I stocked up on some bits for my Mum) I tried a Chocolate Bombay Aloo ball (surprisingly delicious) and some Rose flavoured French treats. Can we take a minute to marvel at these chocolate creations?


Every wrench, horseshoe, nail, nut and bolt were so realistic; but they were all made from chocolate and dusted in cocoa powder to resemble rust. The camera was also incredible. The smell around this stall was heavenly by the way; chocolate air, mmm.

Also at the show were the Meringue Girls, who have been popping up everywhere…


Some gin may or may not have been sampled from Portobello Road


And there was also a cake decorating workshop that I came across:


We rounded off the day with hot cups of tea and coffee. I think next time I need to come armed with a wheelie trolley and sharper elbows- there were some definite seasoned pros present! The centre is so huge, we never even got near to the Cheese section. Speaking of cheese, we did briefly watch Paul Hollywood’s appearance from the gallery balcony. Sadly, the legendary Mary Berry had made her appearance hours before we arrived. Thank you so much for the invite Sally, it was a lovely day out!

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

9 thoughts on “Chocolate, wine and the BBC Good Food show”

  1. Sounds like you had a lovely day:) I’m kind of regretting not going now! Ah well I guess there’s always next year!x


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