London Photography Walk with Best LDN Walks


[dropcap]I[/dropcap]t was a dark, dark night, in the dark, dark streets when a mishmash of bloggers gathered outside the IMAX to embark on a night time photography walk around the city, thanks to Best LDN Walks. Joining us with helpful tips along the way with our mobile photography was Phil Hibberd, from Photography Made Simple. There were a few familiar faces that evening and it was so nice to catch up with Marlene, whom I hadn’t seen since early this Summer.


Our trail, led by Charlotte Kennedy from Best LDN Walks, took us from Waterloo and onto the bridge where there was a stunning view of the lit up buildings along the river. Then we were led down along the Southbank, where literally every step is photogenic. Phil gave a pointer about composition, and to look at a scene with one eye to get an idea of how your camera lens would capture it. Cue at least 20 people walking around with one eye shut. We went past the London Eye and onto Leake Street, into the famous graffiti tunnel (you know it’s famous when its got it’s own Geo Tag on Instagram!) and spent some time snapping away and for some, tagging the walls with their own art. It was good timing as the rain had just started to drizzle down!


I managed to photograph this police box before someone got their spray can hands all over it! Before the fumes consumed us, we went onwards to the next leg of our journey, and made our way across Westminster Bridge and the ultimate iconic London landmark, Big Ben. What’s up Ben.


I was worried that my photos would look too blurry or grainy at night, so I also brought my Canon along as a backup.  Comparing the photos I took on my iPhone to the ones I took on my camera however, and my shoddy old iPhone pics aren’t bad! You can see how a few others fared here on giffgaff’s website; thank you for hosting the evening guys! If you want to see how everyone else interpreted their evening snapshots, you can search Instagram with the hashtag #giffgaffsnaps

The tour itself is really interesting and it’s so lovely seeing London lit up at night. Charlotte at Best LDN Walks was a fab tour guide; it can’t have been easy herding that many people along! As we walked along the Southbank, it was just starting to feel a little festive with the market stalls set up. I’d really recommend giving the tour a go; for native Londoners or visitors, who can resist that old landmark up there lit up at night?

You can find out more about the tours on the Best LDN Walks website, and keep up with Phil on his twitter account @PhotoMadeSimple

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

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