What day is it? Is it still 2014? Ever since I discovered how to get all the US Netflix programmes, I have been in a glorious Gilmore Girls marathon all weekend. Huddled under a dozen blankets, sleeping kittens draped across me, and ginger biscuits baking in the oven, I have been giving cosy a whole new meaning. When it’s pouring down outside, it’s the best feeling in the world. I’ve been quietly hitting deadlines this week, planning my schedule for next week- it’s going to be a hectic one!- and *whispers* Christmas shopping! I like to get an early start on it!

I was going through the memory card from my camera, and came across a bunch of photos from a little while ago; namely these ones from a gathering at Jasiminne’s home, picnicking on her roof terrace- gorgeous views! Also; a sunset photo will never, ever get old.


This is what happens when you cram eight ladies in a mirrored lift. Also, meeting Coolio and seeing him wear a little crown; highlight of the night.


One afternoon, Amelia and I had plans to walk around the city on test shoots; but we ended up hanging out at Kings Cross for most of the afternoon. There was a live jazz band playing on a barge, and we spent a few minutes people watching along the canal. Considering I dont live too far from here, I have no excuse not to come down more often. Especially as every lunch time, KERB rocks up here.


Despite buying a bucket of Halloween Haribo for the neighbourhood kids, Robin and I ended up heading to the cinema to watch Gone Girl; I feel like the mark of a good movie is if Robin doesn’t fall asleep in the cinema. On the way, these Mariachi Skeletons were singing and dancing on Upper Street and had attracted a big crowd. So that was our Halloween!


I’m not sure, but I think it’s Autumn or something?

Last Sunday, my parents came over and it was some much needed Mum + Pop time for me. I made roast lamb, we talked wedding to do’s, the kittens were thrilled to have so much attention, and they gave me a Dyson bladeless heater/air conditioner, which is the best invention in the world (especially since our boiler is throwing a diva fit)

I’ve booked a cake tasting near my parent’s place to get our wedding cake sorted, so that is one circle in my diary I am looking forward to! I also bought the most amazing set of feather epaulettes from Etsy seller, Rouge Pony,  to wear with my wedding dress. I was a little bit worried I would look like Brandon Flowers but when they arrived, I actually squealed over how beautiful they were; they really are the missing piece of the puzzle! When I showed my Dad the pieces, he tried to wear one on his head, in case anyone wondered where I get it from.


This is pretty much how we roll in this house, sans Robin. Passed out creatures, blankets, cosy socks- burger print optional. The rest of the week is going to be busy; so I’ll take this quiet time while I can!

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

5 thoughts on “LIFE LATELY”

  1. That view is stupendously wonderful! Lucky ladies. And if anyone says they don’t Netflix binge in bad weather they are lying.


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