Appleyard Flowers seasonal bouquets

[dropcap]F[/dropcap]or a whole week, I have the flat to myself as Robin is away. This means no sport on TV, eating early dinners, and a distinct lack of dirty socks on the floor! However…it’s also a little bit lonely. You can only hold so many conversations with a kitten. On the upside- to make the most of this man free zone, I’ve upped the girl ante; lots of scented candles, manicures and old movies. As if they have a sixth sense, Appleyard Flowers sent me this gorgeous bouquet from their range of Christmas flowers.

Flowers in our home are always a treat, one I wish I indulged in more often. They bring a certain cheer and colour to the flat and there’s nothing I love more than more pops of colour! This is the Gold Leaf bouquet, with the creamiest of roses, red berries and gold flecked eucalyptus leaves. Putting them into a jug was tricky as I had two nosy assistants trying to work out what fun game I was up to. I think they look amazing against our black mantelpiece!

If like me, you adore flowers at home (but rarely indulge)  Appleyard Flowers are offering 40% off their range with the discount code BLOG40 – that’s a guilt free treat I’d be happy with! When my flower delivery arrived, it had been lovingly packaged in an upright box; so don’t worry about them being squished en route. I may be home alone, teetering along the lines of being an old cat lady, but these flowers make me (and our flat) feel as elegant as Holly Golightly herself!

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

6 thoughts on “Appleyard Flowers seasonal bouquets”

  1. These are stunning! Whenever I can be bothered, I head to Columbia Road Flower market around closing time to pick up giant bouquets for a fiver. Flowers are such a luxury, but they make a huge difference!


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