I have been completely, utterly in love with this song- The Heartbeat The Soul- by Dark Waves, from LA based singer/songwriter, Nick Long. I think my heart beats in synth, I just can’t resist it! This is dreamy and romantic, but both melancholy and uplifting, if that can be possible. I’m expecting big things from Dark Waves, keep your ears peeled. Radio stations, take note.

Speaking of synth love, whilst going through ticket listings for upcoming gigs and shows, I realised that very night The Knife were playing a sold out show at Brixton Academy. Their version of Heartbeats takes me back to my days working at Urban Outfitters, freshly graduated from uni, and this song would literally be on repeat all day. You’d think that would make me sick of it, but oddly, I still quite like it. So for nostalgia’s sake; here’s Heartbeats.

Right, enough dreamy synth. If there was ever a video that made you crave one more hot summer day, its Left Hand Free by alt-J. The video is reminiscent of (one of) my favourite movies, Dazed and Confused, and perfectly captures the mood of bygone carefree days.

This one is a bit of a gem. It’s Pa Pa Power by Dead Man’s Bones, or as you may know, Ryan Gosling’s band. This is a sweet song, but the video turns it up a notch; it’s quirky, a little bit odd in the middle, but kind of cute and awkward at the end, but anyway. Gosling. Also- he dances with the old folk. Heart string fully tugged. Here’s the video in all 12 minutes of its oddball entirety. You’re Welcome.

Finally, this cover version of Strong Enough by Haim AND Lorde is pretty amazing. It’s a powerhouse of awesome. I love that Haim have more cool in one strand of their silky straight hair than I will ever have in my entire life. I love that Lorde embraces her awkward dancing and just owns it. I just plain love this cover.

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

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