i love lamp

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] feel like I ought to pop open a bottle of something sparkly because after SIX YEARS- we have finally replaced that awful ceiling light in the living room. I know.  The lamp politics in this house has been real. I pick something nice- Robin vetoes. He picks out something *gulp* nice and I veto. So, back and forth we go until defeated complacency set in and we just let it be. But then one day- I spotted a magnificent fitting whilst browsing Not On The High Street, and this perfect lamp was flagged on my radar. And what do you know, no vetoes! So, in the basket it went.


I picked the Woods Silhouette lampshade from Love Frankie– the lampshade comes in either White or Grey in loads of various sizes, and is lined with a beautiful woods wallpaper print from Cole & Son. When you switch on the lights, there is indeed a soft silhouette on the lampshade of the woods! I absolutely love it and think it really helps pull the room together. As a heads up, you have to buy the light fitting separately, so Robin purchased a bright yellow hanging and set about installing it.


Only one power trip later, the whole thing was installed. This is the 18×10 inch size for reference. I keep gazing lovingly at it. I can legitimately say “I love lamp!

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

7 thoughts on “i love lamp”

  1. Ha – your title made me burst out laughing!

    This is one fierce lamp, but with you on the lazy thing. I’ve got loads of god-awful things I want to get rid of but haven’t replaced yet.


  2. Haha, LOVE this post!! I thought it was only in my apartment that we go back-and-forth on something decor-related (prints, rugs, etcforever) before anything gets done about it. So congrats on the new ceiling lamp! It looks great & the yellow cord is a cool touch.


  3. I LOVE it! We’ve been in our flat 2 years now and still have a disgusting wooden fan with frilly lightshades in our living room. Might have to get myself one of these! Also, your flat looks lovely 🙂


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