Pont St at the Belgraves Hotel

[dropcap]A [/dropcap]few nights ago, I put my Vans away, slipped on my red shoes and headed into Belgravia to Pont St, an elegant restaurant within the Belgraves Hotel. I was invited down by Zomato along with a huge gaggle of bloggers for an evening of delicious food, as well as a chat and demonstration with their Executive Chef, Sophie Michell. You may recognise Sophie from the cooking show, Cook Yourself Thin (she’s also been a personal chef to that Di Caprio fella 😉 )


After a drinks reception, we were led down to the belly of the beast- the kitchen! Crammed into one room, we watched as Sophie showed us how their pasta is made and let a few have a go at rolling the pasta dough through the machine. I watched as she dolloped roasted butternut squash on the pasta sheet before cutting them away into neat ravioli parcels. Just watching the process made me realise the care and attention that goes into one dish! Throughout the demonstration we were able to shoot some questions to her. I could have asked her for some tips on how to make an amazing stock, or her favourite way to prepare fish- ANYTHING but no, I just blurted the first thing that came to mind and asked if she ever tucked into instant noodles at home after a long day in the kitchen 😐 (sometimes, but usually cheese on toast just FYI)

We then walked back up to the restaurant and gathered around the table for a veritable feast.


Alexandra at Zomato handmade these cute Polaroid card holders to hold our names and menu- such a cool idea.


Our starters all came as sharing platters- this was the Scallop Carpaccio. The delicate paper thin slices of scallop and the tang from the Mandarin garnish complimented it perfectly.


There’s something so communal and cosy with veggie crudites. I love the idea of helping yourself to fresh vegetables to dip and munch on. I ate all the baby tomatoes and carrots…


This was the Pear, Endive and Blue Cheese salad. The fried blue cheese balls were too strong for my taste, but others loved it though!


These cheese balls, however, were lovely and served with a side of sweet Quince jelly.


Also popular were the pork belly bites with a maple bourbon glaze, garnished with crunchy apple slices. There were mini burgers and a generous quinoa salad that I didn’t get to try, but they looked good. For mains, I chose the Venison Cottage Pie…


It was amazing. The mash was buttery and sweet and the meat sauce underneath was hearty- the venison really gave it a meatier flavour. This was the Superhero of Cottage Pies! I am going to be craving this again and again come winter.  I would have kept going had I not been saving room for pudding…


Big, fat squares of flourless chocolate cake. These were so rich, it was just a big dense hit of chocolate to the system!


Delicate portions of Madeleines were accompanied by a shot of sharp lemon curd. I was happy with my little lot right here, and then this came along…


Salted caramel filled doughnuts with shots of vanilla milkshake. Stick a fork in me, I am done. Done.

It was my first Zomato Meetup, and it was a lovely evening eating good food, meeting new people, and talking shop on blogging. Thanks Zomato for the invite and to Pont St for being so hospitable!

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

8 thoughts on “Pont St at the Belgraves Hotel”

  1. Wow. This looks amazing! It looks as though you and your red shoes had a great time 😉



  2. I love watching how pasta is made, it’s so cool and actually looks relatively easy, but I would never have the dedication to do it!
    If it was followed by food like this though, maybe I could give it a try ;).


  3. Holy moly that looks dang good!

    That flourless chocolate square? Oh my!

    Isn’t it liberating being round people who are all trying to get a good photo too? I don’t feel like such a dork.

    P.s. love the new blog design by the way!


  4. Hi Emma! Thank you! I needed a little blog tidy up 🙂 it’s BRILLIANT being around food bloggers- it’s good not to feel like a weirdo taking repeated close ups of food, haha! And no one would touch a dish until everyone had finished taking photos, it was great. Their desserts were lush, and it’s like they knew I was coming- mini shot glasses of everything!


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