Thursday, you’re awesome

[dropcap]E[/dropcap]ver have one of those days where you think, midway through, that wowsers that thing you did in the morning seemed like days ago? I had one of those days. In the morning, we had fun time adventures taking Fat Louie and Pepper to their first vet appointment. This was a second attempt as earlier in the week Pepper had a little…poo protest…on the way and I had to turn around home. So now that first milestone has been reached, I don’t know, I feel like I should bake a cake to celebrate or something?

At lunchtime, I found myself standing in the middle of Waterloo station waiting for a train to Sunbury to my sister’s house. I had a bit of a moment watching everyone walk at crazy speeds around me, as I stood there with my yellow rucksack being swallowed up by a sea of people. I felt very removed from the rat race and it was a bit surreal. A couple of hours later, after being fed brioche rolls and tea, I made the school run to pick up my niece from school….riding her bike. Everyone should ride a Hello Kitty bike at least once in their life. I handed Willa, my youngest niece, my camera phone- just like her mummy, she’s got a way with the camera! She snapped these pics of me and my sister.


That statement necklace Amelia is wearing is one of a kind and very exclusive. It’s handmade by a pack of Brownies, out of the finest heart shaped pasta one can find. I like the penne casually thrown into the mix- so avant garde don’t you think? 😉


This is Evie. She is delicious. Look at her big doe eyes! Evie is also deaf as a post, not that I would have ever guessed. When I worked at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home years ago, we used to get deaf puppies and dogs now and then and I loved watching them learn sign language for commands like Sit and Stay. Now if someone could work out a command for Cuddle-Me-Quick-You-Floppy-Eared-Dreamboat, thanks, I appreesh.


Before I jumped onto a train back into London, we had a quick shop around Bentalls in Kingston because the girls want to go as Minions for Halloween, and then stopped off at Min No for a quick dinner- we ordered honey beef, chicken teriyaki and some sushi rolls. It’s a lovely place, full of pink cherry blossoms and fans and, tied to the trees were little hand written well wishes from customers. I thought that was a great touch!


Last night, I made the cosiest of meals- slow cooked Beef Bourgignon with chive dumplings. I added some carrots in for extra veggie goodness. I’m genuinely excited to buy a slow cooker this season! The idea of a lovely warming meal bubbling away, filling the house with yummy aromas brings on all the cosy feels.

Speaking of cosy feels, I got home and Robin was out playing tennis, the kittens were passed out asleep (or maybe even sulking) from their vet adventure and so I ran a hot bath, propped the iPad up in the bathroom and watched Populaire underneath some Radox bubbles. I LOVE this film! It’s a French film and if you love 50’s nostalgia (I do) are a bit of a Francophile (*ahem*) and in need of a feel good movie, I whole heartedly recommend that you watch this! It’s also got a killer soundtrack.


Ahh, Thursday. You brought on all the feels!

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

4 thoughts on “Thursday, you’re awesome”

  1. Love this Life Lately post. I feel EXACTLY like that when standing in Waterloo sometimes. It’s like you’re in the same place but different dimension! xx


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