Bird | Shoreditch

[dropcap]O[/dropcap]n a wet London evening, I headed East to meet up with Emma and her friend Ziggy, where they took me to Bird. If you like fried chicken, and if you like waffles, this is your idea of heaven. We slid into a booth and ordered bits and pieces for all three to share. Bird has fried chicken everything– but their speciality is chicken and waffles. In the end, we had the chicken wings in a honey ginger glaze, the Mu Shu pancakes, and a big old chicken and waffle burger washed down with an A&W root beer!


The waffles are savoury cheddar and onion ones, sandwiching a juicy piece of fried chicken and bacon with hot sauce and syrup. It’s that lovely combination of sweet and savoury! One waffle burger was enough for three people to share- in fact we still struggled to finish everything. The honey and ginger glazed wings came in a hot iron pan, plonked straight onto the table. The wings were a good size (free range too so you know) and the best kind of messy- the finger licking good kind! The Mu Shu pancakes also came in an iron skillet- instead of duck though, chopped up pieces of boneless chicken thigh were served with crunchy cucumber sticks and spring onions, with a little pot of tonkatsu sauce on the side.


As we were leaving, the restaurant had filled up and was buzzing with the after work crowd- it looked like we had gotten there at a good time, so if you don’t mind an early dinner, go just after 6pm and you should get seated straight away. Bird is nestled just under the bridge on Kingsland Road- we can thank our friends across the pond for the chicken and waffle concept! Our bill for three people was a reasonable £44 and  you can read their menu in detail below:


42/44 Kingsland Road,

E2 8DA,

0207 613 5168


And now…everybody knows about the Bird!

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

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