an Italian lunch at Bar Remo

[dropcap]A[/dropcap] stone’s throw away off the madness of Regent Street is Bar Remo, an unassuming but amazing Italian restaurant. I walk past it everyday on the way to work and have always wanted to try it. Being ‘Fat Friday’- the one day in the week our whole team ditch trying to be healthy and get whatever they want for lunch- we decided to give this a go, instead of a dirty burger. I’m glad we did because, HELLO PASTA.


This place is always full to the brim with people, and when the weather is warm, people share the big wooden table outside for their meals. Hearing it was our first time there, the Maitre’D gave us a free glass of bubbly as we waited for our table to free up. Plates of steaming rigatoni and freshly baked pizza streamed past us,  the staff spoke to one another in swift Italian, Frank Sinatra crooned through the speakers and the walls were covered in black and white portraits of famous faces- I felt like Tony freaking Soprano. It was fab.


The calamari was shared between three of us and there was more than enough to go around. I was constantly dipping into the cripsy morsels, but everyone got a good handful each. I had the Frutti de Mare- linguine with clams, squid, prawns and mussels in a tomato and garlic sauce- it was chock full of seafood, they didn’t skimp out at all. Ismay ordered a plate of Vongole- linguine with clams in a white wine sauce and Tina the Salmon. All of our dishes were generous and fresh- and they’ll even make gluten free pasta if you want.

It’s not often you come across an authentic, family run restaurant- especially in this part of town. The food is reasonably priced, better than any chain Italian, and genuinely friendly. I really liked these guys! I can’t wait to return to try their gnocchi and pizza.

Bar Remo

2 Princes St,



020 7629 1715

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

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