Warwick Avenue

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] was woken up at the crack of dawn again by our furry monsters, and since I couldn’t fall back to sleep with my toes being swatted and nibbled at, I gave up and got out of bed. Now, I am not a morning person. I wish I was, because wow did I get alot done today! By the time we left the house to view another wedding venue, most of the household chores were done and Fat Louie only knocked over the house plant once. So far, so good. We tubed it to Warwick Avenue at lunch time, wanderlusting through the leafy streets of Little Venice. And now that I’ve said Warwick Avenue, I bet you have that Duffy song in your head now too.


I’ve always wanted to live in a Mews house, and I can’t help but peek everytime I walk past one. This one mews house, with a bright red garage door…we had a moment. The hanging baskets and black, iron balcony railings spoke to me. Speaking of hanging baskets, this neighbourhood certainly has a thing for them. Hanging baskets, everywhere! In fact, I’m surprised old green thumbs up there walking ahead of me didn’t notice. He was ranting to himself at this point. Something about tailored suits and Shoreditch…yep, that’s my future husband there. Frustrated at the suit tailors of Shoreditch.

After a successful viewing, dare I say we have a potential wedding date? I’ll only be certain once we pay the deposit, but it’s looking likely! Watch out August 2015! Afterwards we nipped to the pub across the road to get some food (and maybe a little celebratory cake and coffee…)


Heading home, errand number 1,000,252 was to drive to our nearest recycling centre to rid the house of yet more clutter. I love a good declutter, and weirdly, I like visiting the recycling depot. All those skips to divide your junk, it’s a neat freak’s dream come true. And then of course, where do we head just as we had unloaded a tonne of old junk? IKEA! Of course. The day before it had seemed like a good idea. At 4 o clock on a Saturday afternoon, I wasn’t so sure. ALL OF THE CROWDS.

Maybe it’s all those carefully put together showrooms and perfectly matched furniture and accessories, but I can’t resist playing pretend. Here we are in our new living room, kitchen AND library, woohoo!


Some little kids had gotten under the duvet covers in a bedroom and I might have been the only adult not giving them the stink eye. I would if I could too, little ‘uns! This might have been the first trip to IKEA that I didn’t leave with a bag of tea lights. I did, however, leave with several white photo frames from the reduced section for 50p. Bargaaaaain! Then any saving I did make, I blew in the grocery shop. Let’s just say tonight’s dinner is courtesy of IKEA meatballs, mash, and cinnamon rolls. MMM cinnamon rolls. Apparently, today is national Cinnamon Bun day, so it would have been rude not to have any. I am very patriotic to my baked goods.

After zipping away from IKEA, we stopped at the garden centre because my green fingered fiance wanted to buy plants. It’s an exciting city life we lead guys. Naturally, I walked away with a hanging basket because Warwick Avenue inspired me to jump all over their leafy look. See, today- productive! I love Saturdays. Now, excuse me- it’s Doctor Who time!



Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

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