I’ve been inspired by some recent blog posts about real life vs Instagram life- like this one from Samantha at Thoroughly English. I feel like I don’t talk enough about the realness of everyday life and I’ve often felt guilty about not sharing more information of our fledgling business startup- in a nutshell, we are building a concierge service. My lack of daily Instagram photos lately are a bit of an indicator that most of my time is currently spent in the office- some nights we’re still here at 11pm. Ouch. No amount of artful arranging can glamourise the empty coffee cups, crumpled post it notes and the scraps of paper littering my desk. My head feels like it is mostly full of scribbles!

So here’s the reality.

On the Outside: 

We’re running a start up! We’re ditching being bossed around by other people and setting up our Thing! Life is awesome. WE ARE AWESOME.

On the Inside: 

Oh God I’m tired. So tired. What day is it? Where am I? No words.

In start ups, prepare to abandon all plans outside work, to forget the days of the week (I spent ALL of Wednesday thinking it was Tuesday!) and to become BFF’s with your local coffee shop. Here we are, at a networking event at a hotel a couple of weeks ago, hanging with the umm, stars.


Work life aside, I have been enjoying daily reruns of the original Beverly Hills 90210 on CBS Drama every night (Luke Perry! 90’s fashion!) nights in at home and watching our kittens get up to mischief. Their little personalities are starting to shine through- Fat Louie is a gentle giant that likes to sleep under the covers and if anything has toppled over or broken, then all fingers point to Pepper, the master of all mischief. They sleep every night by our feet, whether we like it or not. I’ve been woken up at the crack of dawn everyday by Pepper biting at my toes, when he wants his breakfast.

image (7)

After regrouting our bathroom- ewww- I have been bitten by the DIY and decor bug again! My next obsession is finding the perfect wallpaper for this awkward wall, that I covered in gold polka dot decals a few months ago. My sister sent me a link to this place that has a few affordable gems! My ideal design would be something of a photo mural- how divine is Ellie Cashman’s Dark Floral design? It’s incredibly pricey though…so the search continues!

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 16.41.11

Tomorrow we are checking out a potential wedding venue in Dalston, a converted pub that is now a photographic studio and is full of quirky treasures and knick knacks. Fingers crossed it looks as amazing as the photos I’ve seen online. Speaking of quirks, it’s not every day you walk down Regent Street in a cloud of bubbles. Actual bubbles, outside Hamley’s toy shop.


What was I doing down Regent Street? Heading to Anthropologie of course. Because I need more whimsical teacups in my life! I really do, at this rate, Pepper will have destroyed the kitchen.


I’m spending Sunday baking with friends at my house, can’t wait! Hoping everyone has a lovely weekend too.

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

3 thoughts on “LIFE LATELY”

  1. It’s really nice to hear some real life stuff, it reminds me that I’m not the only one sat at my desk for hours on end while everyone else seems to be on an amazing holiday or adventure.


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