Autumn is coming

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]y magpie eyes have been picking out cosy, Autumn friendly pieces lately- and I’ve noticed that with the change in season, I have gravitated towards black clothes for the chillier weather! I just feel more pulled together in black during winter -when getting up in the morning is the worst feeling in the world and I just want something easy to wear. Which reminds me, have you seen Anna Wintour’s 73 Questions posted by Vogue yet? I love it! In the video, she says she dislikes all black outfits, gasp!

Moving on, here’s my recent Autumnal list:

1) I have dozens of band t shirts, why not add another? I’ve been singing Def Leppard songs in the shower since I was at school. That masterpiece that is Coyote Ugly would not have been the same without the Pour Some Sugar on Me song in it. That is why I must have this t-shirt!

2) Like a crazed fangirl, when I saw Lily Aldridge papped in an Aha Shake sweatshirt, I had to have it. Luckily-because I didnt make any Kings of Leon shows this year- their online merchandise started stocking it. It may or may not be the most favourite thing in my cupboard. Get yours here.

3) I can’t remember how I stumbled across Buy Me Brunch. I’m glad I did, because their Part Wolf t shirt is amazing. I always was Team Jacob (the wolves were SO much more fun than the Cullens) They also have a brilliant Party On Wayne top that I want, which is fitting, since most days I leave the house looking like a Wayne’s World reject.

4) Zara is possibly my number 1 favourite high street shop, dodgy sizing aside. I wanted to squeak with joy when I saw these joggers with a faux leather stripe across the leg. It jazzes up a pair of black joggers to make it acceptable to wear at work. WIN!

5) Last year, ASOS had a grey jumper with tattoo style Love and Hate patched on the elbows, and every time I wore it, it always got lots of compliments. This year, they’ve made a black version with swallows. It’s still available in Petite!

6) Let’s face it, I’ll never afford a pair of studded Chloe boots. I did find an similar style in red from of all places! This year, H&M have brought out a very similar style and I am all over it. These boots will look great with everything. Also, hello boot season!

7) I’ve always had a thing for silver and turquoise jewellery, and I’m in love with this necklace from Urban Outfitters. It’s a lovely pop of colour, especially when wearing all black.

8) Umm, how cute is this Wildfox tee? A fox is peeking out of the pocket. Peeking. YOU can peek at it on Shopbop.

9) I am one of those people that will count leopard print as a neutral. I’ve lived in my leopard print skater shoes all year, so naturally with the weather cooling down, I’m on the lookout for the perfect leopard print boot. Do they even exist? I dont know. But Topshop do a pretty good job of trying. Behold these lovely things!

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

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