I didn’t mean to drop off the face of the Earth. The usual work chaos was happening, and then the lurgy brought me down over the weekend. My GP said apart from being really anaemic, my blood cells are really small, which is weird but okay apparently, meaning I’m a bit more susceptible to lurgies than the average bear. My orthodontist once said I had really tiny molars, so along with tiny blood cells, you’d think my waist would follow suit. No such luck.

Anyway. Music Lately. I just love me some Prince! (name that movie) When I was holed up in bed feeling sorry for myself, I opened up Spotify and let it softly play Purple Rain, whilst I was in a Benylin haze. Then this evening, catching up on New Girl, an ENTIRE episode revolving around Prince happened and it was like a sign. This song played during the Prince-dresses-Jess montage and I’ve had it on repeat since. Unfortunately, the only clip I could find of the song means having to sit through a 20 second ad. Sorry about that. It’s worth it though, trust me.

Speaking of New Girl and Zooey Deschanel, let’s touch on She & Him for a second. I love the touch of nostalgia these two bring to their music. And this video, brought out not long after 500 Days Of Summer, pairs my favourite non-couple-couple together. It’s perfect. Over to you Zooey and JGL.

This song has been this year’s summer anthem for me. And that’s a sweeping statement! Every summer there’s always one song that pops out to me and this year it’s this one by Chromeo with Solange (pre Elevator incident) Its mellow and has a mean hook. Sadly, I hear it less now because…Autumn is coming.

Ahh. I do like a moody video and The Gaslight Anthem do a great job here with Get Hurt. This is the first song from their new album, and I can’t wait to get moody with it at Alexandra Palace in a couple of months. Boys with tattoos man…boys with tattoos.

The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s were one of the bands that played a part in the soundtrack of my uni years. Karen O was just so cool. I’ve been looking up acoustic versions of so many of my favourite songs in the hope of finding something amazing for our wedding. Instead, I’m just seriously nostalgic and envious that I will never rock bangs in that DGAF way Karen O does. This acoustic version of Maps is so romantic though no?


Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

2 thoughts on “MUSIC LATELY”

  1. three things.

    1. I LOVE SHE AND HIM, but have never seen the video despite having the album. that is seriously the most adorable clip I’ve ever seen. Oh, how I love everyone’s favourite not-couple-couple.

    2. have you heard Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s band Got A Girl? if you like She and Him, I think you’ll really love the retro Parisian feel her music creates too. have a listen and report back.

    3. GASLIGHT.

    that is all x


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