Thailand Blues

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] was tidying up my desktop the other day and came across a  long forgotten folder of photos from Koh Samui I had been meaning to post. I can’t believe it’s been over a month since we came back, I’ve literally blinked and woken up in September. My tan has faded and all that remains of our holiday are the sandfly bites still dotting my feet. Koh Samui who? what? did that really happen?



Street food carts in South East Asia have the best food- cheap but tasty. When I was little, we loved in Kuala Lumpur for a few years and I’m 100% sure my mum never had to cook a home made meal- I remember feasting on lots of different dishes everyday from the stalls near our house. Walking back to our hotel one day, the smell of banana crepes from this lady’s cart drew me in and even though we had already had lunch, we shared one between us. So good! It was kind of hypnotising watching her smooth the crepe batter around the hot plate without breaking the delicate pancake.




Another day after a walk around the island, around 4 o clock in the afternoon- hours after lunch but way too early for dinner- we walked past this man and his noodle cart and watched as dozens of hotel workers and locals queued up to buy a bowl of his noodles. So we joined the throng and shared a bowl of the most delicious soupy noodles I’ve ever had. Rice noodles in a meaty broth with minced meat, bean sprouts and spring onions. He put two huge crispy nacho like shells into the bowl so that by the time you sat down they had softened into a dumpling like texture. It was amazing and cost something ridiculous like 50p. Robin was on the hunt for him everytime we went out, but we never saw him again!


The electricity cables on the island are just bonkers. I mean…look. Thick black cables line the roads like some mad tentacle. Also…the taxis looked like Iron Man cars O_o



On our last night we had dinner on the beach. We sat on recliners with cushions and ate our way around the buffet table set up on the sand. We had grilled fish and prawns and stir fry noodles cooked right there on the spot over a huge flame. It was lush. Holidays- you look forward to them for weeks and weeks and then they fly by. Right…I think I need to research mini breaks to remedy my holiday blues!

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

2 thoughts on “Thailand Blues”

  1. Eek – don’t say that, I’ve been eagerly awaiting mine, and now I’m already worrying it’ll be over far too soon (how bad is that!!)

    This looks wonderful – it’s somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit


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