[dropcap]K[/dropcap]ittens! Our house has been turned upside down and inside out by the two most adventurous balls of mischief- everyone, meet Pepper and Louie! When we were in Thailand, I got a text from Luan asking if we wanted to adopt these guys, and of course, we said yes. They were dropped off to us on Saturday, and I haven’t stopped running around- in the best way of course! Our living room has been transformed into a kitten nursery, with scratching posts and toys littering the floor. I’ve already sat for our hours watching them climb mountainous sofas and gallop up and down the corridor. They are bonkers, and I love them (but their litter box- not so much)


This is crazy Pepper, with a little brown nose


…and this is Louie, the sweet pea with the pink nose


These guys are brothers and best buds. Louie, although smaller, is the boss and is the one who gets up to all the trouble. I had a heart stopping moment last night when I realised they had managed to get behind the washing machine! Of course, Pepper was the instigator of that little adventure. Louie, the pink nosed one, is the youngest of their litter. He likes a snuggle and he likes his food. He’s usually the calmer (by a sliver!) of the two, and feeding time is the only time I’ve seen him stand up to Pepper’s antics. Pepper mews for him if he’s out of sight for too long.


I have a feeling a Boys Club is going to form in this household- these two wiggle out of my arms and make a beeline for Robin for a snooze every time. I am loving the chaos these two love bugs have brought into our home!

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

18 thoughts on “kittens!”

  1. Cuteness overload! Your pictures definitely struck a chord with the crazy cat lady in me…now I’m feeling even more broody for a kitten (or two…) than usual 🙂

    Enjoy life with your new beautiful friends, can’t wait to hear more about their adventures! I bet both you and Robin are going crazy cuddling and playing with them this weekend…


  2. Aw, after Leo these two sound like they’re bringing the cat back.

    They’re gorgeous! I’ve been very jealous of your Instagram.


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