Easygrow plants from B&Q

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hilst I am the Master of All Paint in this household, the garden is pretty much Robin’s territory. I might cut the grass now and then and half heartedly paint white polka dots on the plant pots, but really it’s his domain. When we get the chance to spruce up the garden, my main responsibility is to fill up the watering can!  I guess I just don’t have the confidence or attention span to plant new flowers- how much soil are you meant to use? How much water is too much? Oh god, have I broken it already?! I once pointed out a pretty yellow flower not realising it was in fact a weed.

B&Q have come out with an easyGrow range that promises to make gardening easier. Trailing along my granny trolley bag, I headed to the nearest retail park to hunt down some flowers. I’m not going to lie. The choice of easyGrow flowers at my local B&Q was pretty sad, but I made do and picked out the best looking ones to wheel home.


See that brown plant in the corner? That’s mine. All the lush greenery, that’s from Robin and my Mum. Not me. (Also- I had kidnapped him after his tennis match, hence the tennis outfit for gardening)

Reusing some leftover flower boxes, Robin filled them up with compost mix- easily available in all garden centres- and set to work with planting the easyGrow flowers. At this point in the past, there would be little bits of polystyrene littering the grass. Plants would sit feebly in their new bed, a little squished  from trying to pry them out of their polystyrene prisons. But this time round couldn’t be easier (easyGrow, duh) because each teeny flower plant sits nestled in a little sack- like a tea bag. Pick up the plant. Place in soil. Cover. Water. It was a much simpler, cleaner process. Fail safe, for amateurs like me and also perfect for OCD types (also like me!) who don’t like random bits of polystyrene all over their lawn. The trays they come in are recyclable too, which makes sense to be Green when being, uh, Green.


So far, so simples! We filled 3 flower boxes and a hanging basket worth of plants. They were all to be planted in August, so fingers crossed come Autumn, these will flourish and bring some life to the garden!


I am in love with our window box. Our bedroom overlooks the garden- waking up to this and a lush green garden every morning doesn’t feel as if we’re in London. It’s a nice little oasis amongst chaos! Keep your green fingers crossed that our little project survives- I’ll update this in a few weeks on it’s progess. I never thought I’d say this but…Roll on Autumn!


*The plants were c/o B&Q, but all thoughts and opinions my own*

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

5 thoughts on “Easygrow plants from B&Q”

  1. I’m pretty sure I can squeeze some window boxes into my new flat, and I’m so excited! I hope your plants flourish in the coming weeks 🙂


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