Earlier this week I had to walk down Kensington High Street with a humongous bunch of balloons. I felt like a walking representation of Up, bobbing along the pavement with dozens of red shiny balloons bopping me on the head for a humiliating 15 minutes. Above is a shot of me in Scotland, with a balloon left over from the Scottish wedding party. It’s like a prelude of what was to come!

I’ve been back in London for almost a week now. Work is in full (crazy) swing and like the rest of the country- I can’t wait for the weekend! This Saturday we are going to Secret Cinema’s Back to the Future and I can’t wait. I’ve got my Hill Valley resident identity card, a rocking dress from Lindy Bop, and my dancing shoes at the ready. There is also a little blogger’s get together on Sunday, which I am really looking forward to as well. Post holiday life is really back in full swing! There is the little matter of smashing my iPhone screen- I mean, I did a really good job of it- but iPhone accidents aside, it’s good to be home.


Some pretty congratulation flowers from the office-I’m a sucker for pink gerberas…gerbers? gurber?…goober? PINK FLOWER.


When I was away, the whole team upped sticks from Sloane Square and moved into Mayfair territory. This street was a shortcut I took every day to get to work and I used to imagine how pretty it must look at Christmas time, or I admit, it would feel good to walk down the middle of the road Carrie Bradshaw style (admittedly in Vans, not Blahniks) The streets off the Kings road are so pretty, but to be honest, it’s so nice being back in the West End!


Oh my god, we’re getting married- WHUUUUUT?!! I still feel like we’re babies. We certainly act it.


There, that’s a little more grown up. Hey Robin, I’ve plastered your face all over the internet! Hah!

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

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