A Wedding Blessing in Koh Samui

[dropcap]A [/dropcap]few days after the official wedding ceremony in Scotland, we flew to Thailand to have a wedding blessing ceremony in Koh Samui. There were 9 of us altogether, including the bride and groom. It was a lovely ceremony at the Amari Palm Reef hotel, overlooking the beach…and watched by half of the hotel guests! The wedding party were given orchid buttonholes or corsages and a troupe of Thai dancers and drummers led us out towards the gardens where the ceremony was being held. The drummers shouted out their greetings, began beating down on their drums and off we were led out, parading around the pool in front of dozens of beaming hotel guests. I hid behind my camera!





Once we got to the ceremony area, we walked down the aisle of flower petals and took our seats. The music came on and the bride and her dad walked down the aisle. After a blessing by the coolest Reverend I’m ever likely to meet (his name was Paul Rambo and he was from Maui. Just too cool!) all the guests were then asked to bless the couple by pouring water over their clasped hands as you congratulated them. After that, it was time for canapes and photos!





I wore my new Helena dress from Boden, because yellow is my jam, and also because the stitching around the sleeves, hem and collar had a little Thai vibe happening. There were probably enough canapes to feed a party twice our size! I sort of matched the colours of the fruit skewers, so it’s a good thing I polished off most of them before anyone noticed. There were sticks of satay, sticky chicken, spicy fishcakes and prawns, and little squares of chocolate brownie. We squeezed in a little makeshift Chinese tea ceremony at this point, before taking to the beach for some family photos with the photographer. First up- one with all the ladies. This being SE Asia, the poses we had to make were super cheesy!



…but we went with it!

Photos done, it was time to have dinner on the beach. Following another aisle of beautiful flower petals lit by lanterns, a table was set up on the beach for us to enjoy. The weather had other ideas though! The wind picked up so much it threatened to blow everything away- the hotel staff were impeccable and had already set up a new area in the restaurant, overlooking the sea, which was just as fancy. I also think I’ve never eaten as much in my life- oof! Cake AND ice cream for dessert.




It was a gorgeous day- the bride looked beautiful, the setting could not have been any prettier and everyone at the hotel made the whole day seamless and easy. I’m sad it’s all over! I’ll just have to have another watermelon juice to console myself 😉

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

4 thoughts on “A Wedding Blessing in Koh Samui”

  1. I’d completely reccomend the Amari hotel- they were so helpful and nice. I think they were about to go through a massive refurbishment though. The bride and groom stayed at the Tongsai Bay Hotel for a few days after their ceremony at the Amari and they loved it. For dinner, I LOVED a restaurant called The Larder, its run by a couple of expats and the food was delicious. For local food, Robin and I hit the street food carts- no complaints from any of those either!


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