‘Hiking’ in Glenshee | Scotland

[dropcap]O[/dropcap]n Sunday, feeling perkier after the wedding festivities, we drove up to Glenshee for a little day trip. I hadn’t packed anything more substantial than summery dresses and shorts, all ready for our jaunt to Thailand. So I wasn’t exactly prepared for a day walking through the Scottish glen, in the rain! After a long drive through winding roads and valleys, we stopped at Glenshee Ski Centre, grabbing lunch at the cafe. This is where you buy your tickets to go up the chairlift to the start of the walking trail, costing £5 return per person. Waiting for my coffee and food to arrive, I met-and fell in love- with this beautiful lady ‘working’ the chairlifts.  She got a lot of belly rubs and kisses from me!






Dark clouds started to threaten to rain down on us, so we legged it up the hill quickly. And by legging it, I mean allowing the bright yellow chairs to scoop us up and transport us up the steep hill. Lots of moss and rock passed beneath me and I imagined camouflaged trolls hiding like the ones in Frozen. In Gaelic, Glenshee means Glen of the Fairies- which is pretty easy to imagine as I took in the lush, green scenery around me. Inhabitants of Glenshee were called (roughly translated) Elves of Glenshee. So basically, I was an Elf for a day. That is fine by me.

Then, the rain came. I only had my thin kimono jacket to cower under whilst the rest of me got a soaking. That wasn’t fine by me.

As I arrived at the top- this cheery face made everything better again! Hello friend!



Yes, that is a very fine stick you are showing off. What’s that? You want to play fetch? Oh go on then!


Give me the stick! No seriously…


Laugh away you big tease. Laugh. Away.

The rain died down a little, so we made the most of it while we could. The views from up here are stunning. Rolling hills and deep valleys everywhere you turn- it’s like being submerged in a Lord of The Rings film.





We bumped into a few other friendly walkers- real hikers with proper boots, waterproof clothing and sticks. None of this flimsy Converse malarky. The rain started to chuck down again, so we started to head back, thanks to the guidance of our new friend…





Clearly not decked out for the walk, the chairlift operator took pity on us and fashioned ponchos out of black bin liners for the ride down. I felt like Missy Elliot except not Supa Dupa Fly at all.


Nope. Not at all.

Once we reached the bottom of the hill, we ran back to the car to warm up. It was a good laugh. In fact, all that fresh air and rain have knocked me out. Glenshee, it was short but beautiful!


Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

6 thoughts on “‘Hiking’ in Glenshee | Scotland”

  1. Hi Candy! Wow, thank you!! I’m so glad you like it 🙂 I shall be visiting you too to read more about your adventures- and uhhh I have serious hair envy! Your fringe is what my (lack of) fringe dreams are made of!


  2. Gorgeous pictures! Just found your blog via cider with Rosie and I’m so happy that I have. Greetings from Scotland!


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